Day: February 17, 2022

Thur. Feb. 17, 2022 – Entropy, perversity, and tyranny — the universe must love them

Cool and damp.  Like yesterday turned out to be.  We got some rain in the morning, and misty drizzle later too.   Just enough to be grey and damp, and to make the road slippery.  It was warm long enough that I ended up turning on the A/C before bed as temps in the house crept up to 77F.  That meant 82F in my office which was just too dang hot.  We’ll see how today goes, but I need to do the pickups I didn’t do yesterday, so I’m hoping it’s not too wet.


I was coughing and didn’t feel great in the morning so I took a wuflu self test.  Negative again.   That’s something like 6 times I felt bad enough to test, and yet still don’t have the coof.  I’ll head to bed early as the universal remedy for sickness.

Spent most of yesterday on domestic bliss.  Did 2 loads of laundry, folded same.   Did some cleanup and putting away of stuff that’s been out for far too long.   Did some restocking of cabinets.  Then got the kid and went book shopping at the thrifts.   She bought more clothes than books, but did manage to find a half dozen.  Prices in the independent thrift store were high.   Much higher than normal.  It could be a new manager setting prices more aggressively, or it could be inflation showing up in the staff’s perception of what a good price would be.   I managed to get a couple of books, and a benchrest for shooting gubs.

Today I’ve got pickups if it’s not raining.  That will free me up to get out to my client on Friday.  Bought some stuff to donate to daughter’s school.  Wife is already donating both our time this weekend, and something they need in the theater showed up in my auction.  Funny how that happens in my life.

The world continues in its tendency toward increasing tyranny.  The latest from our neighbors to the north slid right by, with nary an objection, and might be used lightly this first time.   They always come back and use it full strength at some point though.   I’d be decreasing my cash in the bank, and increasing my valuable stuff close at hand.  No one ever thinks they’ll come for them, until it’s too late and they have.

The tendency toward increased perversity should be obvious after 10 minutes review of current pop culture.  It wasn’t that long ago that a band could sing a song based on Bible stories.   In fact many bands could do so and each could make it their own, and no one would object, and most people hearing it would already know the story.   Today the dominant pop culture celebrates drug use, violence, misogyny, obscenity, and pornography.

Our president says the smartest guy he knows is a crack head who films himself using drugs and having sex with whores, and who can’t even keep  track of his own laptop with the videos on it, as well as evidence of his other crooked deals.  The previous Democrat administration was so crooked, listing the crimes would get a novel with that plot thrown out as completely impossible fantasy.

Legal abortion, which was supposed to be ‘rare’ has killed 23 million black babies alone, by some estimates.  The social “reforms” of the 60s and 70s have destroyed the black family, destroyed the cities and black neighborhoods, and encouraged a culture of decadence and dependence that has poisoned the soul of black America instead of uplifting it.

This person is reading stories to our kids in the library, and this person is now in charge of our nuclear waste…  At least he has some background in the field, but he seems to have gotten the position “because of” not “in spite of” his clear mental illness.


I’m not just a grumpy old man complaining about the kids today.  This stuff that would have been unimaginable a decade ago is really happening.   And it’s being CELEBRATED.

The center cannot hold.

You and I don’t have enough preps.  Stack it up.  Keep it secret.  Keep it safe.


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