Day: February 9, 2022

Wed. Feb. 9, 2022 – client day, so afk, brb

Cold, clear, kinda damp. Yesterday started out below freezing.   It did get into the 60s during the day, but what a start.  Today should be very similar.

Did some stuff around the house in the morning, and then headed to my secondary to drop off all the stuff still in the back of my pickup.  Then off to Costco to buy a 75″ TV.  They are giving away the additional 3 year insurance with big TVs so for ~$1K I got the TV and the extension.   Took that out to my client’s house and unloaded it into the garage.   Tried to install the mounts I had, but neither was going to be good.  Made it to the electronics store just before close and bought two new heavy duty full motion mounts.    Then home to make dinner.

Today I’ve got to mount the TVs.  I’ve got a friend helping me.  Freaking TVs are too big.  It’ll take a bit longer than I expected because I’ll have to hang the mounts first, but should be done in a couple of hours.  Then I’ve got some pickups to do, and some getting ready for the plumber tomorrow.  It just never ends.

Should be a mad scramble of a day.

Trying to stack some do-re-mi, and get work done while there are parts and workers.

Take a look at what you can ‘bring forward’ and get done now.  You might not be able to later.

Oh, and stack all the things.


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