Day: February 4, 2022

Fri. Feb. 4, 2022 – winter.

Cold.  Icy.  For a while at least.   School is canceled so the kids are home.  Limits my mobility.  Of course, the ice does too, and if places are closed, I can’t go anyway.


Did some pickups.  Ladders, scrapers for ceiling popcorn, and electrical stuff for the eventual redo of the dock.  Vanity top for the bathroom…  fire extinguishers.   Went grocery shopping, see comments yesterday for the Joe Bidn Abundance Report.

Since the kids are home, I’ll be sleeping in a bit, then we’ll play it by ear.   I’ve got a couple of possible pickups, dock stuff, and some other household stuff, but with the Cold-magedon who knows?

I know that people were not inclined to be caught off guard this time.  And normal shortages seem to be making preppers out of everyone.  Well, not actually everyone, lot of folks though.

Don’t be late to the party.  Stack it up.



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