Day: February 15, 2022

Tues. Feb. 15, 2022 – some days it’s just a journal…

Cold changing to cool, changing to really pleasant later in the day.   I really enjoyed yesterday afternoon.  Blue sky, nice breeze,  moderate temps.  I’ll love another couple of days like that.

Spent the morning at my desk then on a pickup in Sugar Land.  Then on to my secondary location.   After that it was pick up the brat (couldn’t resist the rhyme, but she’s really very sweet).  We went grocery shopping, picked up some cards, then got dinner started.  Played my third game of chess and lost.  Made a stupid mistake and didn’t defend my king properly.  We replayed from that point on and I eventually won, but it took a lot more than the 3-4 moves I initially thought it would.   I’m liking playing with a 10 yo.  Probably wouldn’t like playing with someone who knew all the games and moves for thousands of variations by heart.

Today I’ve got a whole bunch of pickups in the same general direction, so I’ll do a big loop.   It’s mostly stuff for this house or the BOL.   I keep bidding on kayaks but I don’t want to pay!  I’ll get one eventually for cheap enough that I can afford it AND the foundation work…

Speaking of fixes, at the BOL they have a system to pump lake water into the grass sprinklers.   That pump is about the only thing I’m worried about freezing last week.  Anyone know if a ‘shallow well jet pump’ is what that might be or if such a beast is appropriate for that job?   There are a bunch of them in the auctions this week, and it seems like the universe telling me something…  Signs and portents, they are everywhere.  It’s just one of a thousand small jobs that might or will need to be done pretty soon after we take possession.  The list of stuff is long.  The house didn’t have much maintenance for the last dozen years, and no style or tech updates in 40…

There’s always something more to do.  The plumbers came back and finished their work, so now the rest of putting the wall and ceiling back together is on me, as well as the siding and any sort of dressing up that the piping needs.  I hope my wife will arrange the electrician, or I’ll be doing that too.  I need two of me.

It’s all in the service of getting set for what’s coming.  Old water heater was failing in 2008 when we bought the house.  We got our money’s worth but it was WAY past time to replace it.   Same with the HVAC system.  The trick will be finding a replacement as sturdy, simple, and long lasting.  The shortage of very high end systems may work in our favor there.  I don’t need a Lambo, I need a Ford truck.

There’s always more to stack, another skill to learn or practice, more gear, more parts… more people.  Get busy!



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