Day: February 20, 2022

Sun. Feb. 20, 2022 – a day of rest……………. ha! only kidding!

Cool and damp, maybe even cold…   It wasn’t bad yesterday.  Started cold, got cool, then even nice later in the day.  Sun was out and that was nice.  Today should be similar.

Did my volunteer time at the kid’s school.   We updated and installed a bunch of lights in their theater.  Turns out, my wife is working a plan in meatspace, as well as helping out with the theater and PTA.  It’s not an ulterior motive, it’s just that her involvement has multiple motives.

Closed out the basketball season with younger kid.

‘Bout ready to close out winter and start on Spring, truth be told.

No further info about closing tomorrow on the BOL… but we filed and amendment to move closing to next week.  Probably not necessary, but in the current real estate market, crossing every T and dotting every I is advisable.

And none of my tasks got accomplished on Saturday.  So I have more than ever to do today.  If I’m not a groaning sore broken wreck…

Build some relationships out in meatspace.  Move a project or three forward.  Stack some stuff.  Ya know ya wanna….


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