Day: February 11, 2022

Fri. Feb. 11, 2022 -02112022 – well this week zipped by….

Cool, eventually, but starting cold.    It was 38F Thursday morning, but 54F at midnight, with gorgeous skies and temps in between.

Got dressed and did some small things to get ready for no water most of the day, but then I left… so I didn’t have to suffer the consequences of not having a pitcher of drinking water available.   It wasn’t really a big deal.   There was plenty  of other stuff available, and there were hundreds of gallons I would have used if needed.

Drove around and did my pickups.   Hit the Habitat reStore, and a couple of thrifts looking for stuff for the lakehouse.  Got stuff to resell instead, and stuff for this house.

Did I mention I bought a little boat?  Well, I un-bought it too.  It was a vintage Terry bass boat, a project about half done.  It was cheap, and the repairs were straightforward.  BUT I found out yesterday that it didn’t have a title.  It’s a huge pain in the butt to even try to title an old boat in Texas.   The official TX agency says “Don’t buy a boat without a title in Texas!” right on their website.  So I told the seller I wouldn’t be buying it after all.  Saves figuring out how to get it here… and doing the work.  I’ll need to do some work, no matter what I eventually buy, simply because I can’t afford and probably couldn’t bring myself to buy a new boat anyway…  but this one isn’t THE one.

If you own stuff with titles, put them somewhere your heirs and assigns can find them.

Today is more pickups.  First auction stuff, then D2 from her early dismissal, then another pickup or two.  And shipping.  Sold something so I need to find it and ship it.   I should probably do some cleaning up around here too.

Mundane, everyday life.  Cook, clean, work, repeat.

And stacking, don’t forget that.


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