Day: February 6, 2022

Sun. Feb. 6, 2022 – and yes, still winter, still.

Chilly, cold, damp, cold, hurts the hands cold.    Ice in the buckets, frost on the roofs.  I know, you’re laughing at me as you shovel the walk and driveway…  supposed to be cold again all day.   Was 29F at midnight last night.

Spent Saturday at a fifth grade basketball game.   The girls are making progress.   The coaching is very aggressive.  Elbows out, hands on the girl you’re guarding, setting picks, all kinds of pro league bad behaviour.  And the kids still can’t pass or dribble or shoot well.  D2 got two baskets and a freethrow.  They still lost.

One girl in a mask.  Couple of masked spectators.

Took child and did a couple of pickups.  Lots of driving, more than I thought looking at the map.  I got stuff for camping and for the new place, but it was a lot of driving.  No masks at pickup locations.   Chatted with the auctioneer and his wife at the second place, out in the country about an hour outside Houston.  Both had the coof.  Neither got a vax before, or after.  Very aware of alt news, inflation, shortages, and the coming war.  Stacking stuff, getting rid of cash dollars.

Dropped stuff off at my secondary then went by my rent house to see why the tenants were cold.   I suspected a fan issue, or loose duct connection in the attic, if there was a real problem.  I confirmed the problem with low air flow was a clogged up filter in the return air plenum.   They said “we changed that  a couple weeks ago” and “we usually change that every 3 months…”  but it was black, solid, and bowed up into the duct like a salad bowl… when I removed it, there was good air flow.   Problem solved.

Chatting with them, she’s preggo, and they’re looking for a house to buy.  Right on schedule as far as I can tell.    We may take the opportunity to swap out the water heater, or blow in some foam in the attic, or upgrade countertops in the kitchen when they find a place and move out.   Spent some time chatting with them as they are pretty red pilled for being so young.   They have been seeing shortages at their grocery store too, and are aware of supply chain issues.  They mocked FauxXi and are boycotting the olympic coverage.  They don’t see any reason for us to fight the Russian but are sure we will get involved anyway.  They are racing inflation to buy a house.  Pretty long and interesting talk.


Stopped and got take out sushi for dinner.  Youngest loves sashimi.  Not a cheap date, that one.

Wife and D1 are due back from horse camp later today, hopefully early afternoon.  I’ve got housecleaning to do before then.  So I’m off…

Stack the stuff you need.  Seriously.  It’s not getting better, it’s getting worse.  And it will get worse yet.  Stacks give you breathing room.   They give you choices.  They take the pressure off.   Yes, in normal times they can have negatives associated with them, but these aren’t normal times.   It’s long past time to be building up your reserves.


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