Day: December 31, 2021

Fri. Dec. 31, 2021 – short time. If this were a cop movie, the year would be shot for sure.

Still warm and damp, but the national map has bad storms in our area, and we’ve got some cold on the way. Yesterday was nice enough. The overcast was patchier than I thought. As soon as I got away from home, it cleared up almost entirely. Looked bad in the distance, but north and northwest was clear. Our weather is screwy at the best of times.

I did my pickups. One of the gocart things will need more wheels. The other one looks good though. The loft bed had a damaged box but the parts look good. I’m pretty sure assembling that will be on my agenda for today. My wife and D1 finally got most of the closet system installed in D1’s bedroom, although I think I’ll have to get involved today with some additional parts from the stacks. There’s a lot of cleaning and organizing and throwing out going on this week.

Someone mentioned it is a good time for introspection and reflection. And it is. So I should embrace that, right?

It’s hard to stay focused for such a long time. Criminals on the run get tired and make mistakes and they get caught. Ebola workers get tired and flub their PPE or cleaning routine, and die. EOD techs, well, if they have a bad day then everyone knows it.

So I have to not be that guy. I need a pause that refreshes, and a re-dedication to the cause. There, did I enjoy it? Sure did boss.

Let’s go Brandon, and let’s get back to stackin’. There is a whole new year coming…


(and totally trivial, I’ve decided to move my “post” time up by ~10 minutes so Brad can read today’s post first! Or at least I feel like I’m missing him by about 10 minutes.)

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