Day: December 28, 2021

Tues. Dec. 28, 2021 – And now, the end of the year is coming like a freight train…

Overcast, warm, damp. Not typical December weather, but ok as long as the rain holds off.

Spent all day yesterday at my computer poking around. I did a few other things, mostly minor cleanup around the house. Not super productive, but there it is.

I’m finding my self in a very weird mood. My empathy and fellow feeling is very low at the moment. Getting kinda nihilistic. Not great. No idea what’s driving it, but it’s not a good feeling. It feels a bit like pulling in and getting ready for a bunch of bad stuff. Not the feeling I want this time of year.

Added- after thinking about it for a while, it’s resignation. I feel resigned to the collapse of our civil society. I feel resigned to losing my retirement to hyperinflation. I feel resigned to the coming conflicts. And resignation and prepping don’t go together. So I feel weird, and something needs to change.

Biddn is even more of a parody than usual. kamel is reverting to form, ie. lies, whining, and avoiding any real actions/decisions/consequences. FauxXi is walking back his vax card for domestic travel and masks forever, but it’s clearly what he wants. Even the Dems and Repugs are schisming.

The breakfast sausages the kids like have been sold out every time I’ve gone to the store for the last several times. I’m down to my last package. How many is too many? Well, 10 wasn’t enough to get through to the next time. I don’t think I have enough… of anything.

Slow progress feels like treading water. Eventually you get tired and sink. I need to get a bunch of stuff out the door pretty soon or I’ll need a life ring.

Or I could win the lottery. And call 1800-got-junk.

Stack some food. Stack some money. Stack some skills. And stack some friends.


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