Day: December 18, 2021

Sat. Dec. 18, 2021 – one week to go ’til a fat man reverse burgles you….

Warmish and damp. That’s about guaranteed for Houston anyway. Maybe damp turns to rain.

On Friday I headed out to my client’s house, did some things there and moved the project along. Some extra challenges on Friday… but got through them. I’m not done out there, but I see the path to being done. NOTHING is every as simple as it seems, especially when it’s new, and the person telling you how simple it is won’t be doing the work. and hasn’t done a bunch of work to make sure it’s simple for you. Thankfully the second tech support guy recognized the issue and figured out how to fix it.

Today, more house cleaning, and more decorating. I’ll be cutting my hair, and doing more domestic stuff besides.

Finished listening to the audio book of Orson Scott Card’s “Speaker for the Dead”, second book in the Ender Wiggins saga. It was well produced, although the audio was low, with three voice actors and occasional music. 12 CDs. I really don’t understand the voice casting, nor do I get the voice direction that gives voice to the piggies as vaguely Brooklyn accented cartoon kids. The female actor’s voice was so passive, dropping at the end of every sentence, that I thought she’d been drinking cough syrup on the rocks. Still better than the Jack Reacher POS. It kept me awake for the 40 minute drive each way to my client’s house so it did the job I wanted it to do.

Find the tools that work for you, for whatever job you’re doing.

And stack a few extra…


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