Day: December 1, 2021

Wed. Dec. 1, 2021 – plans? I’ve got plenty!

Cool and clear. Sunny, warming nicely after noon. It ended up shirtsleeves weather by dusk but got cooler quickly. Really nice day.

Yeah, plans. Too bad the universe tends toward maximum perversity.

I did eventually get out to my client’s but didn’t get as much time as I would have liked. The rest of the day was eaten by ducks.

And I figure today will be too.

I’m taking the kids to school, then I have to go to one of my storage units (the one I was going to empty this week) and inspect it. They found the lock “tampered with” and want to know if anything is missing. It’s the opposite direction from my client’s house. I’m sure that will cost me two hours before it’s done. Then off to the store, and finally to the client. Do some work, but have to get the kid from school so leave early…

At least my wife will be home at some point.

And no food for the dog after 11am, he goes in for his snip tomorrow early. Better him than me, I guess.

I did get to the grocery. Told the stocker that they were doing a good job keeping stuff in stock, but I did notice the extra faces and the very shallow shelves in some places. He mentioned they were having trouble getting cream, of all things. The egg case was cleaned OUT. I filled my cart to overflowing and didn’t get a lot of any one thing. I got what I needed, and 3 flats of pork chops for my cheap protein of the day.

Keep stacking, the shortages are continuing. Quality and choice are both still reduced. Plan accordingly.


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