Day: December 7, 2021

Tues. Dec. 7, 2021 – a Date that Lives in Infamy

Cooler. Breezy. Still damp though. Cool front for a couple of days then possibly warm. Not holding my breath. Yesterday started warm and humid, ended cool and breezy.

I spent the morning and early afternoon hanging new TVs at my client’s house. The new projector didn’t fit on the old mount so I have to work that out. It’s light enough that I can hang it by myself if I have to.

All the new TVs are spy devices. “Google TV”s. Don’t let them near a network. I’m a long time TiVo user, and they collected a lot of info, but only on watched shows. They never had mics listening. And I opted out of as much as I could. It’s truly 1984 when your TV is watching you back.

Spent the evening sorting and cleaning 16 pounds of ‘costume’ jewelry from Goodwill. Lots of nice vintage pieces and even a 925 silver ring, 8g worth. Whoohoo, $5 in silver. Since I paid pennies for that ring, it’s a pretty good return on investment. When you consider the ~$20 I paid for the whole 16 pounds, maybe not. But I didn’t buy it for the metal, I bought it for the vintage. I’ve got a shoebox of nice stuff in baggies headed to the local auction. I’ll bring her the shoebox of bracelets and of necklaces that I didn’t pull out. She’ll go through and see if anything needs to be featured in a single lot, and she’ll lot up a bunch of the rest too. Oh, and a Citizen men’s dress watch that will clean up nicely too. It’s late 70s, early 80s quartz, and has a decent looking band. There is still treasure to be found.

Plan for today, interview for PreCheck. Then client’s house. Working either network, or control, or just continuing with MY issues and video routing. There is plenty of stuff left to do.


Japan’s sneak attack on the US was probably one of the biggest military blunders in the history of really dumb blunders. Of course that’s looking at it from today. It might have made some kind of sense, the US was divided and demoralized, and disinclined to fight. The Japs thought we couldn’t rebuild the shipping because they couldn’t have. And our style of warfighting was very different from theirs and was hard for them to take seriously.

Lot of parallels to that today. Someone somewhere could be miscalculating at this very moment. The mad mullahs maybe… Just something to think about.

And one more reason to stack it high.


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