Day: December 10, 2021

Fri. Dec. 10, 2021 – finally Friday! for about the 48th time this year.

Warm. Damp and warm. Who knew? No rain but some very low clouds. Or heavy mist. Well, that was yesterday so I expect today will be like that. Unless it isn’t.

Had a busy day. Got myself and the kids to the dentist. Teeth all cleaned, treated, and apparently rubberized. The last to decrease sensitivity? It sure felt rubbery.

Picked up two lots at different auctions, one of leather crafts stuff, one of needful things.

Went by my local auctioneer, dropped off a couple of things. Talked about the poor sales. He’s going to recycle the unsold stuff one more time. And he doesn’t want any more stuff until he sees if it sells. It could be that his audience just doesn’t want estate stuff, but new and open box stuff. In which case, I’m screwed because I was counting on moving a bunch more stuff through his auction. He did agree to take the TVs from my client’s upgrade.

Went out to my client’s and did the port forwarding. Don’t know yet if it worked, or was correct. Did some more install and working in the rack. Removed some more of the old TVs.

And today will look pretty similar to that. I’ve got a visit to the gub store planned, drop off the TVs, and head out to my client’s.

All the while, hoping that the chinese real estate ponzi doesn’t burn up like a paper tiger soaked in lighter fluid, and bring the rest crashing down. SOMETHING has to be the trigger. China distracting its people from their paper wealth vanishing by getting all nationalistic and militaristic isn’t unthinkable. And real economic woes could easily spread worldwide. It’s always something.

So I stack. And I think you should too.


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