Day: December 9, 2021

Thur. Dec. 9, 2021 – a totally not infamous day.

Cool and humid, but less chance of rain according to the national forecast. Was 64F when I went to bed. Wednesday was mostly overcast, except for a bit in the NW Houston area.

Did some stuff in the morning, sorting ebay, local auction, and stocking stuffers, then headed out. Stopped by my buddy’s store to drop off something he needed. Several people in buying, one actually looking at long gubs on the rack. Then headed out to my client’s house.

Got everything on the network, finally. Found one bad connection and a couple of mis-labeled cat cables. When you’ve got a six foot air gap, it’s safe to say that run isn’t ever going to work…

Partner’s remote access mostly works, but I’ve got to add a couple more ports to the forwarding. That will be later today.

Early today, I’ve got the annual fang polishing. Hopefully no new holes in my head. One tooth is more sensitive than usual, and it’s been an ‘almost an issue’ for a long time. Might be that it’s moved into the ‘has a problem that needs fixing’ category.

Naturally this is the one day in the semester that D1 has to be physically present at school in the morning for a standardized test. (normally mornings at her school are all ‘electives’ and aren’t really classes, so it doesn’t matter if you are absent.) I’ll be shuttling back and forth, but she’ll have to deal with me and my appointments before getting back.

One of my morning stops is my local auctioneer. Time to do some settling up, and talk about the next one. Hope he’s still willing. I don’t think it will be until the new year though. The leftovers and pieces my other auctioneer is running this week are starting to get bids. The vintage lindsey matchbox cars are doing well so far. The pokemon cards (that were never paid for last time) are getting bids too.

It’s mostly smalls, but every bit helps.

So I’m off, gotta see the ‘tooth doctor for kids’* and to make way for stacking all the things.


*yes, actual sign on a building by my secondary. How far we’ve fallen, but plenty left to go, after all, we still HAVE pediatric dentists.

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