Day: December 14, 2021

Tues. Dec. 14, 2021 – Busy like a beaver, busy like a bee…

Warm again, and wet. Very light misty rain all day yesterday, depending on where I was, had me driving the Expedition on my errands, when the Ranger would have been a better choice. Forecast for today looks like even more likelihood of real rain. Well, we shall see.

Did my errands in the morning and early afternoon. Picked up D2, and spent some time making erasers out of some sort of clay like material… Little tiny erasers shaped like fruit, pie, and animals. It was fun to play with the clay and make stuff.

Today I’ll head out to my client’s house. Port forwarding is still not working correctly. Some of them are probably being blocked by ATT, but normally the non-standard control ports should get through. The cams’ app used to get through without issues. I hate chasing issues like this, where I’m just poking around in the dark.

And then home to more family stuff. There is so much end of year stuff at my wife’s work, and with the kids’ school semester wrapping up, that we’ve got multiple things happening every day, and worse from my point of view, every night. I already missed one of my favorite things, our visit to the school district’s FFA Christmas event. Photos with Santa, hay ride, baby animals, and show animals the kids have raised, and lots of people from school and the neighborhood. It’s a real community event and a fun way to spend a few hours. The kids in the culinary program at the alternative school sell food- cookies, frito pie, etc, and that is ALWAYS worth spending a few bucks. Local local local…

Stack up some local community. They’ll be the ones helping you, or turning you in, or shooting you for your preps. You need a good idea of what the people around you think and feel.

And of course, stack the preps.


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