Day: December 6, 2021

Mon. Dec. 6, 2021 – I can feel it in the air tonight…

Damp and cool. Possibly sunny, possibly rainy. Possibly both. Although not necessarily in the same place. Weather. Witchdoctors have better prediction skills.

Got some of my stuff done. It was overcast and damp most of the afternoon and evening. I put up a few more decorations but got side tracked looking for one. I hate not being able to find stuff. I was thinking it was in a bin, but after talking through the problem with my passing neighbor, I realized it was in a bucket. And after looking around, I believe I might have taken the bucket to my secondary thinking it was food.

Oh well. Plans. I got ’em. Just don’t get to do them.

Today I’m headed back to my client’s house. I’ve got a buddy joining me to hang the TVs and projector that I don’t like to do alone. If I have time I’ll poke at the networking some more. Otherwise, it’s a short day so I can pick up D2. Maybe we’ll put up some more Christmas decorations together.


There are some people in the blogosphere that see glimmers of hope for sensible and freedom loving people. I think it doesn’t matter. There is too much momentum built up and this will need to play out. Some small push back here and there isn’t going to ‘right the ship of state.’ The thieves are still in control of government and culture. And the world is bigger than America. Lots of indications that the rest of the world is still going authoritarian and jackboot.

All that will mean even more violence, even more disruption, even more extremism. It’ll be a good time to hunker down for a while, pull in, and save what you can. Put the ‘conserve’ in ‘conservative.’

And stack it. Stack it high and deep. (and don’t forget the rat poison.)


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