Day: December 13, 2021

Mon. Dec. 13, 2021 – work-life balance, I can haz it?

Still cool and clear for one more day, according to the national forecast. I’ll take it. It feels much more like the season at 50F than 80F. Sunday was bright and clear, with light breezes here.

I got some stuff done. Moved a whole pickup load to storage, and you can barely tell. Mostly because I moved other stuff back into the area I moved stuff out of. There is camping stuff all over too, after the return of the pack, and their packs. 😉

I got some lights up in the yard too, just before dusk. And really a bit after dusk too, because I spent some time chatting with my new neighbors across the street. Young couple, seem very nice. Very excited to be in their new home.

Plan for today is drop of TV at auctioneer, take some stuff to my secondary location, move more stuff out of the house, pickup daughter and do some more decorating outside and in. Probably won’t get to my client’s house today. The round trip time would eat too much of the day.


The devastation from the tornadoes in Kentucky, Illinois, etc. is dramatic. Disaster can hit anywhere and anytime. It was the tornadoes in Oklahoma a number of years ago that demonstrated to me the need to establish some preps off site. This disaster just further confirms it. Some hazards can really only be dealt with after the fact. If you are in a tornado or wild fire or mudslide area, or any other sudden but localized threat area, think about the difference a couple of bins with clean clothes, duplicate records, and some easy to prepare food and drink would make in the event your home was destroyed.

Sometimes it won’t be the stacks, but where you’ve stacked them.


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