Day: October 25, 2021

Mon. Oct. 25, 2021 – a brand new week, what will it bring?

Hot and humid, maybe some rain today, somewhere in the area. We never got any yesterday but it sure was damp. I was sweating through my t-shirt standing still in the shade. I’m pretty sure I saw 97F in the sun late in the day. It was down to 77F when I went to bed though.

I spent too much time on tattoo grrl and The Bad Baldwin yesterday and don’t intend to do it again today. The fish don’t see the water, and can’t be convinced it’s there. The ‘four rules’ are a CULTURAL artifact of the gun culture in the US. They are not laws, or laws of nature, or even universally revered. Freaking afgans probably think we’re p#ssies for our fear of firearms and ‘rules’. An American shooter’s insistence on the ‘four rules’ is very modern and FAR from universal and is CULTURAL. The cultural traditions of the actors on a movie set are different. They’ve got no knowledge of or worship of the ‘four rules.’ They believe that every gun they encounter at work is going to be made safe by the people whose job it is to do so, and that they can and should point guns where they’re told to, and pull the trigger if they’re told to do so- SAFELY. The results of following the rules speak for themselves, as do the results of NOT following the rules. Different culture, different rules. Different churches, different gods. So unless something new comes to light (like that tatgrrl was barred from properly doing her job by covid restrictions) I’ll be responding to any questions or comments about TBB, or Tatgrrl at my leisure and in my spare time.

That is a conscious departure from my normal mode of trying for a timely and helpful comment or response to any exchange here.

Yesterday I felt unwell all day, slightly dizzy, slightly nauseous. I think it was because I smashed and scratched up my cheater glasses, and I was doing a ton of staring at screens with them on. I noticed that if I wear them while moving around, I’ll get ‘swirly’ when I move my head and everything in my field of view moves. So it makes sense to me that if they were scratched up and no longer centered on my face it would mess with my brain. Or it could be I’m just feeling poorly. In any case, I was content to be sitting down in front of the computer and not busting @ss moving pallets at my secondary location. It didn’t help with my list of stuff to do though. Fortunately I’m a prepper, so I got another pair out of the cabinet, and Lo! one of the auctions has Costco overstock reading glasses in it. I won a set of three in 1.25 and another in 1.50 strengths. $7 for 6 pairs of glasses works for me.

I did get my bookshelf projects painted. I’ve got an old VHS tape storage tower to use for displaying small lego models, and the bigger unit to use for books in D2’s room. At least we started the project together…

I got some of my Halloween decor set up over the weekend. I need to get more of it out. I like doing it. It’s a creative outlet and a social thing… and I would miss it if I didn’t. So I make time for it despite all the other things on the list. Meatspace baby!

Speaking of meatspace, I met the new owner of the house next door. Seems nice. Married, no kids yet, intends to live in the house. I did ask him what was holding up the chimney. He was a bit shocked when he realized what I meant. I had to point out that they took the chimney and fireplace out from the bottom up…but left everything above the roof just hanging there. Surprise! It’s a pretty big oversight and would destroy any confidence I had in the GC. I guess that’s just me though.

He’s making extensive structural changes to the roof system, and from what I can see, I’m surprised there is an engineer on the permit. Eh, what do I know? Taking out all the rafter ties (ie ceiling joists) PROBABLY won’t cause the weight of the roof to push the tops of the walls apart and let the roof slowly sink down while the walls spread out. Probably there is some magic I don’t know about to replace that bottom part of the triangle that makes the roof a truss. Hope they don’t wait too long to install the magic. It’s been my direct and hands on experience that those walls start to push out pretty quickly… and I’m not sure how they intend to close the slot they cut in the NEW roof to install a big beam, when the beam still sticks out through that slot, and if they cut down the height of the beam they reduce its strength… I’m sure the low bidder illegals will figure out how to cash the checks before it falls apart. In any case it’s only my problem peripherally in that I don’t want a failed project next door and I hate to see anyone get taken advantage of.

It does make my life marginally more interesting.

As if I needed another hobby.

Plan for today, do some work. Pick up D2. Do some daddy daughter stuff, like maybe rearranging her room to accommodate the new bookcases. Maybe I can convince her to put the resin printer and the filament printer in HER room…. hey that’s an idea!

I’ve also got a 3 year old dell pc to check out. Bought it for $8 so no big deal if it is a parts machine. Should be a Core i5 with win10. We’ll see. There is a bunch of ebay stuff to prep too, and stuff to pull for the local auctions. There’s always more to do. I did get 7 loads of laundry washed and dried and mostly folded this weekend. So there is that bit of domestic bliss to feel good about.

Life goes on, even during the decline. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, don’t do anything irrevocable. Get yourself centered and ready to move in whatever direction is best.

And stack it high.


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