Day: October 30, 2021

Sat. Oct. 30, 2021 – stuff needs doin’, and I need to do it…

Cool and windy again. Not supposed to be any chance of rain.

Had a pretty strong wind most of yesterday. Headwind all the way to Austin, when it wasn’t a cross wind knocking me from lane to lane. I used half a tank of gas pulling the empty trailer there, and only a quarter pulling the loaded trailer home.

And load the trailer I did. The pickup was at some type of testing company. They had a bunch of vehicles or cabs from vehicles, and they were doing something non-destructive with turning them upside down or something. In any case, the Ranger was basically sitting in the lot for the last 6 years. Lots of mold and mildew on the outside but the inside was pretty good, considering. We got it loaded up with ‘man-draulics’ and a little help from a couple of other guys doing their own pick ups. It is going to suit me fine as a parts vehicle.

There certainly seemed to be a lot of new construction going on outside the eastern side of Austin, along 290. Giddings looked like it was doing ok, and Brennam was better than the last time I was through there. Still a lot of vacant buildings along the route. LOTS of billboards with no ads on them except their own begging to rent them. I think there must be some data point for the state of the economy there.

Got home later than I wanted, power washed the new and old trucks. I’ll return the trailer today. The uhaul car hauler is very easy to use and well thought out. It’s also VERY WIDE. You need to pay constant attention to where you are in the lane. It worked a treat for me.

Today I’ll be doing stuff around the house. Mostly Halloween decor stuff if I’m lucky 🙂 but I’ll also be doing stuff in the driveway and patio to clean up after all the wind. It tossed LADDERS around. It blew down an acquaintance’s fence, right across the street from D1’s school. Lots of bigger branches and smaller trees were damaged too. I think it was more wind than I’ve seen here outside of a hurricane.

My antennas seem to have come through ok, and that’s a plus.

Time to get to work on meatspace stuff, and clear the decks for more stacking.


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