Day: October 29, 2021

Fri. Oct. 29, 2021 – what I desire is man’s red fire…

Cooler with this front that blew in. Then slightly warmer, and I’m hoping for normal wind. Yesterday it was really windy with swirling gusts. There are lots of small and mid sized branches down all through the neighborhood, and I had some too. One small ornamental tree twisted off at 5 feet above the ground. One smaller branch off the oak tree. Bushels of twigs and leaf clusters. Crazy the way the wind was blowing.

Didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, of course. Wife called and asked me to get D2 after I picked up my car trailer. And I didn’t start the day with “pick up windblown debris for a while” on the list either. But there it is.

Today I have a few things to get together, then I’m off to Austin (north side, taking 290) to pick up the Ranger ‘parts truck’ I won. Got the whole thing for the cost of a tailgate. It’s white and my truck is blue, but all the sheet metal looks straight. It’s got the steering wheel control clusters that I need too. Airbag alone is worth $100- 200 for both. And there seems to be a big @ss speaker in the back, so I’ll be rocking that. Or not.

Once I leave the house I should be radio silent for a few hours. Try not to burn the place down 😉

And stack some stuff.


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