Day: October 22, 2021

Fri. Oct. 22, 2021 – no particular insights

Cooler, overcast, some chance of rain. Houston is in a very small “thunderstorms possible” area on the national map today and tomorrow, so someone will probably get rained on. I covered the stuff in the bed of my pickup overnight in case we got some showers.

Spent most of yesterday driving around and picking stuff up. One auction I got some radio stuff. One I got some more hand sanitizer. Two cases for $5/. It’s alcohol and water with a bit of hydrogen peroxide in a spritz bottle. Very light and clean, no sticky. I use it to clean all kinds of things. It’s my favorite for cleaning my hands when I get back in the truck. Does great on my desk and other surfaces, and it’s cheap because people are ‘over it’.

That’s why fugitives get caught, it’s why people leave school without a degree, it’s why they quit going to the gym by February… I’m not good at following through with some things, but there are others where I can “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” for as long as needed. Whatever is coming is likely to be long and you’ll need to keep doing the right thing for a long time. It gets repetitive to keep hammering away at prepping, but – I think the need is great, and it bears repeating.

There are a lot of similar voices out there in the blogosphere all of a sudden. I even sometimes see my own words coming around, and I wonder if they are mine or the person got there the same way I did, and it just took a bit longer. No matter, as long as the message gets out. It’s frustrating when I can’t remember where I wrote something, only that I did.

Was it Cliff Stoltz that envisioned your computer keeping track of everything you did in a ‘lifestream’ that you could later move back and forth in? That would be handy for some stuff, that’s for sure. It would allow me to collect some of the stuff I’ve scattered around in various places recently and put it together into some sweet recycled ‘content’ with minimal additional effort 🙂 Maybe I need a keylogger. If there was one smart enough to group and stamp stuff that 99% of the time I don’t ever look at again, but could highlight it when I eventually search for it, I might be tempted. Or I guess I could ask the NSA.

If I could find it all, I’d collect what I’ve written about living in the secondary market, practicing for it, and how that’s all relevant to the coming unpleasantness. I’d collect what I’ve written recently about shortages and logistics too. Lot’s of people having those discussions in different places and my [meager] contributions are scattered around. IP is best when you can re-use it 🙂


Anyway, today is a couple more pickups, radio stuff and household buys, then school activities until late. I’ve realized that I buy very little outside of food in traditional retail settings anymore. It gives one a very different perspective on what stuff ‘should’ cost when you see it selling for 1/3 or 1/2 of retail all the time. Now if I could do that with food too…

Then I could REALLY stack it high 😉


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