Day: October 28, 2021

Thur. Oct. 28, 2021 – …and be just like the other men, I’m tired of monkeying around…

Well, I think it will be cool to start, warming through the day, then hot, humid throughout, and partly sunny. And if it is like yesterday, we’ll get a little downpour with high winds right in the middle. 62F when I went to bed.

I didn’t get much of anything done yesterday. I fell asleep for a while in the morning, got rained out of some of my plans, and then the day was gone. Somewhere in there I talked with my auctioneer, arranged a trailer for my ‘parts truck’ pickup, played with the dog, and did some ebay listings. Once again, I’m seeing a strong correlation between listing, and selling, to the tune of “if you don’t list every day, you won’t sell.” I went a couple of days without listing anything, and had no sales. Did just a couple of listings yesterday and sold an item last night. Other resellers on youtube have noticed as well. Doesn’t even have to be a good listing, one dvd a day is fine, but there has to be something. I share because I care. Sell some cr@p. Buy some preps.

Speaking of, I ordered new frying pans, some coffee, and a book from amazon. My pans need to be replaced. Nonstick pans are an expendable, and not something I see in the auctions very often. If there were never any more, I’ve got good stainless, but the nonstick are so much easier for some things… the pans will be here in a few days, but the coffee is “in stock soon” showing a December 12 delivery estimate. Um, it’s the manufacturer’s store on amazon. I’m going to have to pay about $6 more per 48oz bag to order direct from the manufacturer’s website if I want any next month. I’ve GOT some on the shelf, probably enough to get through ’til then, but jeez. There have been mentions in the press of coffee shortages, but until this order I haven’t had any problem. The brand is in stock at Costco even, but they changed varieties to something light and fruity, instead of the classic dark I prefer. I’ve got depth of backup for coffee, but I’d like to stay with fresh for as long as possible. Issues somewhere in the chain. One more indication you need to stock up when you see something you need.

In other news, the dog seems to be fine again. Daughter’s cut on her leg had the stitches out and looks fine. She’s completely over the procedure she had done for an ingrown toenail. Neighbor had a crew knocking down his chimney today, in the most slipshod way possible, and I think they still left the part between the roof and the ceiling. From the noise of brick chunks hitting the ground, I suspect a chunk fell inside the house. It felt like it fell in MY house. They have cut a bunch of holes in the new roof, near where the giant beam sticks through. I don’t see a plan in effect, but it’s not my house so my curiosity is high but my GAF is low. Neighbors across the street had 6 big trees trimmed pretty dramatically in one afternoon, which only confirms that the monkeys that took 3 days to cut down two trees at the next door neighbor’s were monkeys. I don’t think I’ve seen one company name painted or even stickered on the vehicles for the guys working on the house. That’s some fly by night trunk slammers right there.

I have a goal for today, we’ll see if I hit it. I better, or the boss’s patience might be exhausted.

So I’m off to work, so I can clear the way for better stuff to stack. Stack it high, before you can’t.


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