Day: October 17, 2021

Sun. Oct. 17, 2021 – Ah, Sunday. A day of rest. Not for me!

Cooler, sunny, and dry. Yesterday was the same, and it got into the mid 80s by late afternoon. Really pleasant.

So pleasant in fact that I did some yardwork. Cut the grass, used the string trimmer, blew the debris off, and took down the bird net over the blueberry bushes.

The tomato plant bramble mounds are starting to produce tomatoes again. Got a few that are racquetball sized already. The collards are finally starting to grow too. I’ve got about 4 good sized grapefruits on the potted tree as well. Not really enough to feed the kids… which is why I stack cans.

Plan for today —– not saying. Don’t want to tempt the universe.

It’ll probably involve being outdoors in the little bit of nice weather we get here in Satan’s sweaty butt cheeks…

Stack something. Learn something. DO something.


(thinking about some science-y content for Monday… it’s been a while.)

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