Day: October 1, 2021

Fri. Oct. 1, 2021 – Gee Whiz, it’s October again.

Hot and humid, overcast, sun, and rain in various places. Like yesterday weather, it really depends on where you are in Houston. I missed all the heavy rain at home by being out running errands. I missed the rain in those areas because it happened before I left the house. I never saw more than a mist, some people got a gully washer. It’s a constant and welcome reminder that everyone’s reality is different. Even when only a mile apart.

Did run some errands. Still haven’t made it to Costco and it’s Friday again. Dang. Stopped by my buddy’s gun store and had a nice long chat. It wasn’t busy at all, but he wasn’t worried, he’ll be back to frantic today and tomorrow. He had some pistols in the cabinet, and a few rifles but they were all consignments or used. He’s starting to get some stock in his online portal store. He says the problem is still lack of ammo availability. Some other retailers are starting to have some stock but it’s still crazy expensive.

I watched an estate auction this week and a bunch of guns went unsold. The reserve price was too high. That tells me people’s desperation buying is slowing. PSA has had uppers and lowers in their featured email this week and last, which is a big change. Supply might finally be catching up.

Today I’m going to be helping the Middle School drama teacher pick up some scenery from another school. I’m officially a theater dad. I had fun with my schooling and career, so I will encourage my daughter to explore the field. My wife is less sanguine as her work experience was with education (which she didn’t like) and union touring performances (which she never wanted to do again after a year of it.) It’s been a while since I drove a 26ft commercial truck, but it’s probably just like riding a bike, right?

Keep checking on conditions in your area. Keep working to improve your situation. And keep stacking. ESPECIALLY food.


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