Day: October 31, 2021

Sun. Oct. 31, 2021 – Halloween. My favorite!

Cool and fairly dry warming up later. Yesterday was very nice. It got to 85F in the sun, while still being 65F in the shade. A great day for working outside.

Which I did, at least a little, while getting my display set up. Since the universe so kindly gave me the pieces I needed to complete my new skeleton pirate vignette, that’s what I did. Two pirates, on broken chairs, sprawled next to a crate covered with cloth, with an open jewel box (coffer) and various spilled jewelry and shiny metal plates and cups. A few metal candelabras and I’ve got a pirate celebration on my lawn.

I got a few of my older decor pieces out of the attic too, but I’m not going as crazy as some years just throwing everything out on the lawn. (I usually set up ‘areas’ that are more themed, but the whole yard doesn’t have a theme.) There will be “old standby” pieces that won’t get out this year.

While I was adjusting the lighting, one of our Deputy Constables drove by, slowing to admire the display. She turned around and stopped to tell me she liked it, so I asked her to keep an eye on it overnight. That saves me some time that I thought I’d spend putting the pirate stuff away overnight just to be sure it would still be there for tonight. I saw her drive by again at 1:14AM before I went to bed. Couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t get snatched, but it made me feel better leaving it out.

One of the best parts of our neighborhood is the 24/7 Constable patrol.

Today will be getting the rest of the display stuff set up, getting all the small toys and candy ready, and maybe getting something together for me as a costume. I’ll probably just paint myself with UV paint again though. It’s easy and looks dramatic.

Then at some point the kids will start coming by. First a trickle,then a flood. We usually get between 100 and 150, mostly younger than about 15. A couple of older kids always show up around 9pm, but they’re usually the last. A few more of my neighbors will be home this year to hand out candy too. I hope my candy holds out. There might be some pent up demand after last year’s COVID related restrictions.

I enjoy today a lot. I get a nice outlet for my theatrical skills, and I get to see the neighbors, and make kids happy. What’s not to like?

Take a break once in a while, especially if it’s something that cements your ties to your community. Meatspace baby!


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