Day: August 28, 2020

Fri. Aug. 28, 2020 – School’s back in session

Hot and humid.  Sunny and bright.  Probably.

Yesterday was hot, but also very nice when I wasn’t dripping sweat.  I chose to leave all the covered stuff covered.  We were forecast to get some of the trailing weather from Laura Friday or Saturday.  I guess we’ll see about that but it left me some time to work on the portable generators.

Neither was running at the end of the day.  Neither had the issues I thought they had.  Parts are ordered for the older one.  I’ll be exploring issues on the Honda today.

That wasn’t a lot to get done, but I am beat up and needed a ‘recovery’ day.  Sore in places that I’d forgotten about.  I really need to work on this actively.

The civil unrest and lawlessness is increasing.  People in general seem to be closer to violence than previously.  I don’t see that getting better anytime soon, and I can think of a lot of scenarios where it gets a whole lot worse.  Add politics and the election year, and we’ve got a mess brewing.

Consider what might happen in the next month, 3 months, and year.  Make some plans based on your thoughts.  Start working your plan.  And whatever it is, it’s likely to work better with a big stack backing you up.

Keep stacking.




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