Day: August 18, 2020

Tues. Aug. 18, 2020 – headed out

Hot.  Still.  Humid.  Still.  One more month until fall.

Hot all day yesterday too.  Well into the 100s, and stifling humidity.  Did a pickup (some metalworking stuff, and my new batteries.   The ‘wire’ turned out to not be wire at all, so I’ll still have to find something to hook up the batts and the panels.  The auction did refund for the 3 spools.)

I was checking the temps in the new fridge/freezer all day.  I just couldn’t get the main compartment to stay above freezing, no matter how low I set it.  Time for a look at the manual.  OH.  I was wrong.  The main compartment is always a freezer.  The top compartment can be either.  So I changed the settings a bit, and I’ve been trying to get the top to fridge range while keeping the bottom frozen.   I think I’ve finally got it.   The top should actually be big enough for the main things we keep in the garage fridge, if I move stuff like the shredded cheese to the freezer.  The fridge really  just has milk, eggs, bread, cream, and cheese in it (and wine, but there are other solutions for that.)  So for a while at least, I’ve got WAY more freezer than I need.   On the plus side, the unit was specifically made for a garage environment, and is designed for an 80% or higher duty cycle.  It also has a heating element in it to keep the fridge from getting too cold if ambient drops too low.    I’m going to be watching for a real fridge, but making this work for a while at least.

So with the pool acting up, the fridge dying and a new one in place, and all the other things going on, we’ll be headed to a beach house for a couple of days.  Galveston here I come.  Joy.   At least we’re driving and I can carry everything I want.  The kids are ecstatic to be getting out of the house, so I’m on board.  Reluctant, but on board.

I’m taking my small lappy so shouldn’t have any difficulty posting, although comments will probably be lighter than if I was just sitting here, waiting, waiting, waiting….

I can’t help but watch the video coming out of Portland, and the news out of Chicago, and think that the armed insurrection has started in earnest.   Maybe it will die down, but that seems unlikely in this election year and with all the covid stuff adding ‘flavor’ to the mix.   Add the normal (or slightly more active) hurricane season, and we’re gonna have a heck of a year.  It’s challenging to have moved from “prepping” to “living with the ongoing disaster” to getting back into prepping for the NEXT disaster to roll down the pike.  But I have no doubt that there will BE a next one, on top of whatever ones we’re living with.  Civil unrest/insurrection, depression/economic collapse, global pandemic, hurricanes, job losses, and the normal personal crises will stack up*.  It’s gonna get rough.  Do what you can to make your passage through the trouble easier, now, before any more gets here.  In other words…………. keep stacking.




*I’ve thought for a couple of years that the increasing UFO coverage meant something big in that regard was coming.  I consider it to be such a long shot, and such a big unknown that it’s really not something I can prep for, although social and societal “issues” will abound, so prepping for that seems prudent.  And now we have some actual official statements and above board investigation.  I’m REALLY hoping my long shot doesn’t pay off.  But wouldn’t that beat all?  Confirmation of alien life?  Crazy talk.  And on top of the rest of the ‘next normal.’

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