Day: August 5, 2020

Wed. Aug. 5, 2020 – wouldn’t be prudent

Hot and humid.  Of course.

It hit 111F in my driveway according to my weather station yesterday.  I know it felt damned hot.

Didn’t get much done.  Back hurts and I’m trying not to aggravate it.  I did get some stuff over to my secondary location, and some debris for the dumpster there.  I picked up my 3 cases of TP and misc. assorted other auction items.  (mainly art supplies for the kids)  I went to the chiropractor.  Got a doc I haven’t seen before, but she seemed competent.  Made me feel better, moved some stuff around.   Didn’t hurt me like some of the guys have done.  I’ll go back on Friday for another adjustment.  Lots of people put chiropractors with witch doctors and ambulance chasers, but I’ve always had good results and I’ve been going for decades.  Good and bad in any field I guess.

I haven’t made it in to see my buddy at the toy store in a while.  I’m starting to get anxious.  They have reduced their store hours because their employees have all decided to stay home, and they don’t have any inventory aside from a few consignments.  They do transfers all day long though for online buyers.  They are good people and I miss dropping in just to say hi.

I noticed while I was out that the Goodwill Outlet was “Temporarily Closed”.  No explanation, no reopen date.  I wonder if they’ve had an outbreak.  I hope not.

I saw a bunch of new empty storefronts and new “For Lease” signs.  Some on brand new businesses that never even really had a chance to open.  Even here we’re feeling the downturn coming.

One of my buddies is having some successes with his new prepping lifestyle- he’s got his first eggs from his new chickens, and he’s successfully made cheese from his excess .gov milk… so I guess he’s made government cheese…*

People are adapting and overcoming.  If you sit around waiting for things to go ‘back to normal’ I have a feeling you’ll be left behind.  Nothing irrevocable, but start moving forward.  There are always opportunities.

Everything is easier with resources.  So…….. keep stacking 🙂




*I loved the taste of the government cheese.   What was it, late 70s?  Giant block of mild cheddar cheese, enough to build a fort with.  Grandma shared with the whole family.  I’d cut 1/2 inch thick slabs off and eat that like candy.  Big slabs on white bread as sandwiches.  Good times.

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