Day: August 24, 2020

Mon. Aug. 24, 2020 – first day of school, remotely

Hot and humid, although perhaps not as hot as last week.

Hurricanes on the way though, so that weather is going to suck.

Yesterday started a bit cooler, so I decided to do my outdoor work.  It did get to 108F in the sun in my driveway though.

I did a bunch of stuff outside, mostly in the shade.  It was a sneaky kind of hot that I really didn’t notice until I came in to drink and let my brain cool down.  THEN I could feel that my head was dumping heat into the room…

I did go back out and finish the yardwork.  I’ve got a ton of stuff to secure before we get hurricane winds though.  I’ll get started on that today, but I’ve got two pickups later in the afternoon.  And I’ll be getting an early start- it’s the first day back in school for us.  Middle school, 6th grade, for the older one, 4th grade elementary for the little one, who is getting a growth spurt and isn’t particularly little.

It will be interesting to see how their day goes.  I’m guessing no real learning for a few days.   Their in person first week is all filled with rules and procedures normally, but since they’re not in school, they don’t need to practice fire drills.  Presumably they’ll have distance learning specific stuff in place of that.

With hurricanes in the Gulf and soon to be in the Gulf, I need to concentrate on that for a bit.  In the mean time, the insurgency is getting more serious in Portland, and now Colorado too.   It’s organized, and anyone willing to do the grunt work of stuffing balloons with sh!t and p!ss is willing to do a whole lot more.  We are seeing the beginning, not the end.  In the end, it’ll be blood in the streets, assassination squads, arson, general strikes, and a bunch of innocents will be caught in the crossfire.  Plan accordingly.

You won’t need to worry about getting shot at the quickee mart if you’re prepped… so keep stacking.



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