Day: August 4, 2020

Tues. Aug. 4, 2020 – ay, que loco!

Hot and humid, chance of rain.

Yesterday did get hot.  106F in the driveway.  Pretty humid too, but mercifully overcast for much of the day.

My back pain is funny.  I can walk ok most of the time.   I can sit ok almost always.  Transitions between the two are like being crippled.  Burning pain, electric shocks, “twang” in my hip.  All kinds of fun for a while, then the transition is complete and I feel ok.   Didn’t get to the chiropractor.  I called to see if there were any special requirements (like  an appointment) but they weren’t answering the phone and never called back.  Their web page was less than helpful.  I will try them again later today.  I need to be headed in the right direction with this.

Since I was feeling ok, I picked up the dog bombs, and the unusable pecans, then cut the grass.  Back yard is in shade most of the afternoon, so it was tolerable.  Lawn guys did the front this week.  They cut, blow, trim, and collect the leaves every other week, I just mow every other week.  Although, since March I’ve kept them out of the driveway and the back yard and I do those myself.  I use the string trimmer every other week in the back.

For some reason, I feel like I need to get the extra water tanks sorted.  I’ve got two back there that are not currently full.  They need to be cleaned and then filled.  Since they’re on carts with wheels, it’s still possible to move them when mostly full.  My plan was to use then for bathing and washing water if it came to that.  Don’t know why I’ve got the feeling to get them in place and filled, or why I was thinking about moving my other two 100L tanks into place in the garage.   I’ve learned though that I shouldn’t ignore that little voice when it pipes up.

Did a couple of little things in the garage.   Dug out an ebay item that someone wanted to buy.  I was pretty sure I knew where it was, and it was there.  Hooray.  Maybe I’ll make $8 on it.  It’s been listed for a year?  Maybe more.    Strange which little items have sold in the last months, all really long term listings.   That’s why I’m sending bins full of stuff to the local auctions.  Stuff is just not moving.  Admittedly, I’ve been slack on new listings, and ebay boosts you if you do new listings.

Dinner was fresh turkey legs baked, with canned green bean and mushroom soup casserole,  mashed potatoes with saute’d onion, garlic, and bacon crumbles, pillsbury crescent rolls,  and mango cobbler for dessert.  The rolls were from a tube and were 9 months past BB.  Except for the outermost layer, they were fine…  the crunchy onion for the casserole topping was a year past BB and was fine (foil pouch).  The mango was from a jar from Costco, past BB, too soft to eat on a plate but great in the cobbler.

I’ve got to do an auction pickup today or tomorrow.  I bought 3 cases of Charmin TP, and a couple of other things.  Paid about double what I would have on sale just a few months ago, but in line with current Costco pricing- when they have it.  Scott commercial TP, the thin shiny stuff, sells for about 50c a roll, so Charmin at $1.50 isn’t that unreasonable, just more than I’d like.  And that is the case for the future too, until serious deflation sets in.  We’ll be paying more than we’d like, for less than we’d like.  I don’t see “waiting for it to come back down” to be a wise choice.  While there is more available now, it’s still sketchy and not cheap.  If it does come back, I’ll have spent more than I’d like but can buy more cheaper later.  If it doesn’t ever really come back for some time, then I’ll be glad to have paid the price to restock now.  (for any value of ‘it’…)

I’ve also been buying multiples where I would normally buy only a couple if they were on sale… like coffee filters, or iced tea mix.  Easier to buy a case when it’s shipping anyway.  Better to have it than not.

New food and other supplies will go back to my secondary location.  I don’t think we’ll have serious movement restrictions any time soon, and we’ll have some warning beforehand, if they are reinstated.

As schools in some parts of the country are starting back, right away they’re seeing cases.  Students in class, student athletes, and staffers too.  In person learning is going to be a clusterflock.  There’ll be a LOT of back and forth, which will be pretty disruptive.  We’ll be sitting that mess out.

If you missed it, there was an announcement that Jerry Pournelle’s wife Roberta passed away.  The old guard is leaving the field…  may they find peace.

Historically, the world doesn’t fight the next big war until the generation that fought the last one has mostly passed on.  Guess what’s coming.  Famine, war, plague and pestilence.  Keep stacking.




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