Day: August 20, 2020

Thur. Aug. 20, 2020 – chance of rain

Hot, humid, windy.  Chance of rain.

Wed. was hot.  Sunny.  But there was a breeze all day and the water was 87F in most places.   Hotter in the shallows.

Slept late, spent the rest of the day flying kites at the beach.

I could not get my new stunt kite up, I’m going to have to hit youtube for some guidance.   It’s the first one I’ve gotten.  I like kites.

The beach was pretty empty.  A bit north was the public beach you can drive on, and it was a little bit more busy, but certainly not “end of summer, last weekend before school” busy.   A couple of guys were in the surf fishing.  There were a LOT of fish near the surface, but they said they were mullet and not good to eat.  All they were getting was some sort of salt water catfish analog that they also tossed back.  One trout, barely big enough to keep and they put him back too.  Fishing is one of the things I’ve thought I should learn a bunch more about but I don’t have a mentor, and the time to bumble along is just to great.   Daughter 2 got to reel in one of the cats and had fun doing that.  And if you could eat hermit crabs, we’d have feasted.

All in all a good day.  I plan to repeat it today.

And while I’m on vacation, the forces of entropy are not.  Keep stacking.



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