Day: August 1, 2020

Sat. Aug. 1, 2020 – well this sucks

Hot and humid, probably rain.

It was hot and humid both yesterday, but we never did get the rain at the house.   Elsewhere in Houston they did get rain, but not us.

I didn’t get much besides my pickup done.  My back has been hurting for the last few days and it’s been getting worse.  Unusually for me, it’s my lower back this time, on the left, like sciatica.  I can feel the pinching and it’s getting scary.  I tried to do a few things, even floated in the pool for an hour to try to relax whatever is pulled out of alignment, but nothing worked.   I don’t see any choice but to try my chiropractor.  Hopefully they’ve figured out how to treat people without giving them the wuflu.  I guess I’ll know in about 2 weeks.

One thing I did get done was look at the gardens.  All my squash and melons died.  Couple of days ago they were fine, today just straw.  The cabbages that were doing so well?  Couple of days without water and they shed all their outer leaves and don’t look good at all.  Both pepper plants that were still producing like crazy look dead.   The brusselsprouts (that never sprouted but were nevertheless very leafy and vigorous) also look like they’re dying.  Leaves are curling up.    I’ve got a couple of green tomatoes on the plants, so that is one bright spot, but my hopes for any kind of real harvest are done.  I’m hoping for the citrus to make it at this point.

I did order food from the store.  Since I can.  Got my instacart from Costco and HEB in only an hour or two, even though the app said “as long as five hours”.    HEB had prime top sirloin for $4.95 a pound.   Even with the insta-addon price it was still less than $7.  It had a 2 day sell by, but was oxidized on the underside.  No indication that it was short time and the Manager’s Special, but I don’t care because it went right into the freezer.   Good hamburger in the bulk pack was <$4/lb.   Choice ribeye steaks were ~$12/lb.   Select were ~$11.   Turkey legs were in stock so I got 8, and a bunch of pasta and cans of veg.  The pasta selection was almost normal, except no real egg noodles.  10 more pounds went on the stack.  The veg selection was good, even had canned green beans.  A flat of mixed veg was added to the can organizer.   Soda and snacks were reduced selection.  Costco limited chicken thighs to one package, TP to one (but they had blue package Charmin), and name brand paper towels, limit one.  I don’t think I hit a limit on anything else.  They had bleach in stock, even clorox, but no cleaners or wipes and no windex.

I broke down the bulk meat, vac sealed it all, and put it in the new freezer.  VERY convenient to just open the door and stack on the shelves.

I also put away the coffee and maple syrup from the auction.   No matter the condition of my back I’ve still got to pick up the alcohol I bought today.  Should be good on wine for a while, and liquor for a LONG time after this purchase.    Not something I’d normally be too concerned about, but when you shop the secondary market, you buy it when you see it, and stocks were running low at the Casa anyway.

I’ll update after seeing what optional medical care looks like in the age of COVID.

We’ve got time to get in better shape before it all goes more wobbly than it already is.  Take advantage of it.

Keep stacking.



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