Day: August 23, 2020

Sun. Aug. 23, 2020 – more to do, big wind coming

Hot and humid.  Rain?  Wind?  No idea, but it’s sure to be hot.

Saturday was overcast and rained, so it was actually cooler than I expected.  I got some of the yard work done.

Mostly I was watching auctions closing throughout the day.  Preps and stuff for the house, mostly.  I got some good bargains, and I’m set for life wrt butane lighters.  I got 100 of them for $14.  I also got an arrow fishing reel, that should go perfectly with the little crossbow pistol I was talking about last week, to make a line thrower for getting ham radio antennas up into the trees.  The rest of the stuff was very mixed.  Some magpul gub parts- mainly rifle furniture, some shotgun shells, several bike maintenance items, roof rack rails, knives, and some target stuff, cleaning supplies, political items, flags, and some building supplies rounded out the list.  Mixed bag indeed.

Took a few minutes to break down and vac seal the meat I got from my grocery order, and put away all the things.  I moved stuff into the new, very small, refrigerator part of the fridge/freezer.  I think it will be fine for the stuff I usually put in the garage fridge, and it will force me to get my vac seal and freeze done promptly.   It’s very strange putting gallons of milk and cartons of eggs into what 40+ years of conditioning tells me is the freezer….

I’m going to put the old fridge on a local FB sale group.  The shelves and door system fit a ton of other fridges, so someone might want an unreliable fridge, if only for parts.  I DON’T want to have to figure out where to take it to get rid of it and my scrap yard won’t take it.

Today will be more cleaning, more organizing, more putting stuff back in place.  After getting the yard finished, that is.  And maybe some pool maintenance.  And some indoor stuff to let my brain cool…

My gardens are a shambles.  I have one cabbage left.  The corn stalks turned brown, and the ears are about finger sized.  The mini ears had full sized kernels, where the squirrels didn’t get them, which is weird.  Several of the peppers died.  The brusselsprouts are hanging in but aren’t producing the stalk or buds.  A couple of the broccoli plants are still alive but not growing.  The asparagus is about 3 feet tall and very fern-like.  Tomatoes have lots of plant, not much fruit.  I got one good tomato, smaller than a tennis ball last week.  Turns out that tomatoes and potatoes are enemies, so maybe it wasn’t just the heat that killed my potato towers.  They are right next to, and in between the tomato plants.  I did get one volunteer, either a watermelon or acorn squash.  So far it’s about 6 inches tall.  We’ll see if it continues to survive and thrive.  I need to start thinking about fall planting.  I feel like Charlie Brown and the football with this garden nonsense.

I better stack the cans a little higher, since I’m not growing anything but frustrated.

On the ‘decline and fall’ front, in Portland the cops are finally doing what Chicago cops have been doing for decades– nothing.  They decided to just let some lefties and righties fight.  Nobody got shot or stabbed this time.  The Chief says if they are voluntarily looking for fights, he doesn’t really see any way the cops could make that better… And the cops were no where to be seen when the insurgents ran through the suburbs harassing the sleeping normies.   Soon it won’t be loudspeakers and threats, it’ll be sticks and stones, fire, and gunfire.   You are on your own.  Ammo up.

Stay away from crowds.

Stack it high.


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