Day: August 8, 2020

Sat. Aug. 8, 2020 – sleeping in, then work work work

Hot.  Humid.  Houston.

Well over 100F in the shade yesterday.  I was not too interested in working outside or in the garage.

So I went to the chiropractor, dropped in on my gun store buddy, did a pickup, then stopped by my secondary location.  Did some stuff there, then headed home.

My wife made dinner out of the pantry and freezer.  Ice cream for dessert.

Still plugging away at paperwork for taxes.  All the mundane things have been piling up.

Back is still bugging me.  I got some good movement and relief from the chiropractor, and a new stretch to try.  I’m hoping for more improvement over the next few days.  If not, I’m not sure what to do.  I’ll burn that bridge when I cross it.

Today I’ve got the yard to cut, and all the normal stuff I’ve been delaying because of my back pain flare up.  We’ll see how far we get.

The goal is to keep improving our situation.  So, keep stacking!


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