Day: August 29, 2020

Sat. Aug. 29, 2020 – hey, second weekend of the week…

Hot and humid.  Probably crazy hot.

Certainly hot yesterday.  And then rainy in the evening.   So hot and sunny in fact that I got little done outside.

I did confirm that the Honda gennie dies after about a minute even with a charged battery.  I also confirmed that there was enough oil, and that the oil monitor light wasn’t coming on when it dies.  I suspect that it was trying to drop to idle, and the idle circuit in the carb is blocked.  Maybe today I’ll pull the carb and clean it.  Unless it’s so freaking hot my brain boils in my skull.

I’m glad I left the tarps on everything.  It rained HARD in the late evening.  It didn’t last very long though, which is good as there would have been flooding.

Other than the work on the gennies, I’ve got my normal stuff to do, still putting the garage back together.  Still pulling stuff for auction.  Maybe even yardwork, since it’s finally the weekend.

In Kenosha, the plain facts shown by the video evidence are finally making it into the press, the kid has representation, and is getting financial support.  The first and second will be a cause celebre’ but not the next 10 or 20 or more.   Don’t get caught up in it.  Avoid crowds.  But if you do have to act, act appropriately.  You will be on video.

Keep in mind you won’t get caught up in the crowd if you don’t have to go out and play in it.  Get what you need together now.

Keep stacking, but also take time to enjoy these, the ‘good old days’….



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