Month: July 2020

Wed. July 1, 2020 – July here we come!

Hot and humid.  Tending toward more humid.

Yesterday was exceptionally nasty out.  Just standing outside would soak you to the skin in no time.  I’m hoping for a break as it was nicer late.

I went to my client’s house, got a bunch of stuff done. I let him know I’d be back 14 days after his 4th Party.  He thinks it’s unnecessary but he’s also understanding.

Kids have the last couple of days of swim team today and tomorrow and it would be nice for them to go back to say goodbye.  Of course, all the reasons we STOPPED last week are still there, and are even worse.   It’s sentimentalism like this that gets people sick.  LOTS of sick people right now that don’t know it yet.

The crazy continues to build.  Some things to be aware of– the ‘protestors’ shooting the SUV driver in Utah as he drives through the crowd.   If you can’t avoid the crowd, and you can’t go some other way, I can’t recommend anything other than DON’T STOP, keep moving, and keep your eyes open.  If it was an ambush, as some people are saying, that is a serious escalation. Best plan is “Don’t be there.”  Recognize that sometimes, “there” comes to you.

Maybe Waze will start routing around street ‘demonstrations’.

The funny thing is, with MSM attempting to control the narrative, alternative voices went online.  Now with the NewMedia attempting to control the narrative, alternative voices need to find new platforms.  If they don’t, and they can’t find a new outlet, and the need for them to express themselves continues to grow, they may end up out in the streets-where the footsoldiers for the left are already well represented, funded, and practiced.  And as is becoming obvious, the left has some guns too.  That won’t end well…

Think about what the irish troubles would look like played out here, where we’ve got hundreds of thousands of well armed veterans, some on each side, little geographic separation, and 10 times the population.

Start prepping for that- at least as a contingency.

And keep stacking.



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