Month: July 2020

Tues. July 21, 2020 – another day…

Hot, but maybe a bit less.

Yesterday never got as hot as the weekend.  The overcast and rain kept it a bit cooler.  Miserable humidity, but cooler.

After running around all day, getting and fixing a flat, picking up and dropping off, just when I was really getting started in the garage the rain shut me down.

So the plan for today is start back in with that.  Meet the guy from ebay for his pickup, then do some errands.  Easy peasy.

Much easier than helping my 9yo deal with not seeing her friends for months at a time.  She was really upset last night.  It’s not just us, the other kids’ parents don’t want to get together for a virus swapfest either.  Things aren’t ever going back to “normal”.  We’ll adapt to the way things are.  I better figure out how to get the kids started on that.

And myself too.

Keep stacking,  and drop Barbara a note…. AT HOME!  She’s headed home today.   HOOORRRAAAY.

email me if you need the address.


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Mon. July 20, 2020 – let’s get this party started..

Hot hot and more hot, with humid and possible rain thrown in for good measure.

It was plenty hot yesterday.  Over 100F in the shade and WELL over that in the sun.  The sun did manage to peek out for a while.

I spent most of the day outside, when I wasn’t cooling off my brain.   Cut the grass, cleaned the pool, and packed and moved more stuff out of the way of the freezer in the garage.  I wish I’d taken a picture of the before.  I’ll take a picture of the after, but there’s no way to really capture the amount of stuff that needed to be shifted.  Maybe two or three pallets worth?  Stacked 3 foot high?  Something like that anyway.  That is the corner where my workbench (really just storage shelves) lived, with tools on it, under it, and above it.  Supplies, and more tools lived in a three drawer lateral file, and a cabinet above that.  In FRONT of that was several bins worth of parts, “makerspace supplies”, ebay items, and stuff that needs to be repaired.  The walkway from the door to that back corner has about 14 inches of stuff stacked along one side, waist high, that all needs to move so the freezer will fit by.  It’s a mix of inventory, tools, supplies, and junk.  That’s where I finally hit the wall yesterday, there’s no good place to move it to.

So today I’m getting a metro rack cart from my secondary and bringing that here to load up with all the stuff in that path.  Some will go to auction, some will go away, some to ebay, and some will go to my secondary.  There’s always more to do.

That’s the main goal for today.  And tomorrow.  And Wednesday.

We’ll see if it happens or if some other thing interrupts.

I really want to be getting stuff squared away.  I thought I’d have freezer space by now.

Because the world is continuing to go nuts.  With no end in sight.  And I have kids to feed…

So even with all the stuff I’ve already got, I need to keep stacking.


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Sun. July 19, 2020 – no rest for me

Hot again, but probably not raining.  Until it does.

Yesterday stayed hot and humid all day.  Must have been less than 100% RH though since things did dry out in the driveway.  Lots of rainwater in every open bucket and piece of “inventory” out there.  Pool and pond both overflowing.

Didn’t get much done.  Very little in the garage.  I did pick up a couple of auction items for my non-prepping hobby, and that took me to a part of the northwest suburbs I haven’t been to before.  26 miles out of town up 290, then south.  I usually go north at  that point.  Interesting development, right on a creek.  LOTS of detention ponds but I bet it still flooded.  I’m always interested in the little areas around Houston especially once you get a bit out of town.  Too much water for me to consider moving to this one.

I did get the repairs done to my daughter’s new dresser.  Can’t even tell it was damaged.  It would have been simple but the drawers fought me, and to make the glue up easier, I did it in stages with time for the glue to set in between.  Like most things, you can have good, fast, or cheap, but you can only pick two.  In this case, I saved a bunch of money on the dresser, but spent time making repairs.  (The desk was unscathed, saved a bunch on that too.  It evens out.)  Her new “tween” room decor is coming together nicely.

We’ve been looking for ways to do ‘special’ things for the girls during our isolation and time out of school.   We’ll be doing some updates to daughter 2’s room as well.

I did put a few rounds through the airsoft pistol late in the evening.  I did some very low light point shooting, supported, unsupported strong, and unsupported weak hand.  I was either hitting the cans or just missing.  Pretty good for not being able to see the sights and barely able to see the cans.  Again, it’s liberating to be able to work some stuff you just can’t do at the range.  I know it’s not the same, but I’m working on sight alignment, body positioning (purposely off balance and mostly wrong footed), and ‘breaking the shot’ feeling the trigger.  The airsoft SIG “points” with very similar geometry to my G17, so it feels pretty natural to line up.  And it’s FUN.

Today I’ll be working on all the same things I’ve been working on all week.  I’m really hoping to be done with the freezer and most of the garage reorg.  The cleanup will continue for some time, but the freezer needs to be cold and full of food.  I also need to cut the grass and go through the gardens.  It was too wet yesterday.

Dinner was fresh brats boiled in beer then grilled for flavor and appearance.  Fresh corn on the cob.  Daughter 1 made a cake from boxed mix for dessert.

An interesting note, sometime today or tomorrow, we’ll pass 135,000 comments here.  The comments are the biggest part of this site.  If you come here and just read my blather, you’re missing out.  I can’t believe that I came here for a year? two? before I started reading comments, and then contributing.  There is a diverse, knowledgeable, and POLITE group of great folks here and a HUGE pool of talent and experience.  Join the conversation.


And keep stacking!



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Sat. July 18, 2020 – funny the things that sometimes pop in your head

Hot and humid.  Really.  No kidding.  Hot. 🙂

Yesterday was hot until the rain, then slightly less hot for a while, until the hot caught back  up.  It was pretty late before we got back down into the 80s.

As predicted no real work got done in the garage or driveway while I was running errands.   The kids did play in the pool for a while.  Between my wife forgetting and overfilling the pool, and then 2 inches  of rain, there has been a LOT of sloshing out.

In order to push myself to actually finish the garage/freezer/workbench reorg, I ordered a good bit of food that will end up frozen.  I also did my normal replenishing.  Not much extra canned meat or dry goods, we’re pretty good on them.  Meat and frozen fruit and veg are what needs building up.  I really hope I don’t end up screwing up another order’s worth of food.

I’m still filling other holes and gaps in long term preps.   I’m trying to improve my stores of things I can get cheaply now, but would be very dear if there was a collapse, or long term interruption to “normal” life.  To that end, and because it’s what’s in the auctions, I’ve been buying safety gear and PPEs.  This auction I got several boxes of safety glasses.  Some tinted brown for outdoor work, some clear.  I previously got a huge selection of clear with bifocal lenses.  They are great for carpentry or soldering, both activities that need safety glasses.  Safety glasses are an expendable, and you should have extra.  Same with gloves, and workboots.  Good fitting ones are essential or you won’t wear them.

Hearing protection and respiratory protection I took care of last year.  I have several boxes of foam ear plugs and I’m set for a while on N95 masks and organic vapor cartridge based respirators.   I even managed to pick up some more tyvek painter’s suits.

I’m also considering what I would need to multiply my strength, just like in the old days.  I’ve got very good block and fall setups with synthetic rope and a lot of rigging supplies from a previous career.  I picked up a dozen spools of 550 cord in various colors at Habitat a couple of years ago, and I’ve added some rope when it became available.  Chain and chain binders are incredibly expensive for some reason.  Chaining my forklift into a trailer would cost about a quarter of what I paid for the forklift if I did it with new, so I’ve been watching for ways to reduce that cost.

If I had more land, I’d be looking for gardening power tools.  Prepping the soil takes a lot of work and any way to make that easier increases your chances of getting a good result.  I wouldn’t turn down some things, but as I don’t have space or the need, I’m not looking for them.  Some of you might be in a different place.

Basic plumbing, electrical, automotive and hardware supplies on hand will save a trip to the store, and can be the difference between a disaster and a disturbance.  Of course you need to know what to do with them, but there are lots of resources available to help with that too.  This is a good time to practice as you can still get help if it all goes pear shaped.

Like RBT, I came to consider that, outside of our normal disasters – hurricanes here in Houston – the most likely scenario was an economic collapse or a long slow decline.  Civil disorder, up to a civil war was in there somewhere, with global pandemic as a longshot.  Pandemic has been a focus of the CDC for a long time (and I constantly referred people to their pandemic preparedness pages as a resource for general disaster prepping), and with ebola in 2014 being in Dallas, I moved that up my list DRAMATICALLY.   Panic buy fits pretty well.  Of course, ebola wasn’t an issue for us here, by the skin of our teeth, but the preps have served me well in what the CDC said was this inevitable pandemic.  (Why was the CDC so ill prepared when this was something they’ve been pushing for a decade?  I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader.)

So here we are, living in one of the longshot scenarios, generally doing better than we thought.  Which is awesome.  Unlike some places, we’re not stacking bodies in the streets.  But we are also clearly (to me anyway) in the beginning stages of economic collapse.  Supply lines are disrupted.  Prices are fluctuating.  Markets are being distorted by outside forces and have become increasingly decoupled from fundamentals and become more and more like gambling in a casino.  Everything is slightly worse than before.

Trash isn’t getting picked up as quickly.  Dumping is more common.  Maintenance is being deferred by civic units and individuals (with the caveat that individuals with the means have had more time than usual to do ‘projects’ around the house.  The guy with no job isn’t putting up sheds, and painting the siding though, but he might be powerwashing the driveway…)  Graffiti and tags are more visible and common, and stay in place longer.  Crime increases.  Violence for no reason increases.  Civil discourse becomes more shrill.  People contract their focus and concerns to more local issues.  People’s tolerance for the other, the different, decreases.  Behaviors become more extreme.  Tempers get short.

Any of that sounding familiar?

Given where I think we’re headed, it makes sense to me to stock up on the kinds of things I’m stocking.   I wouldn’t FOCUS on them, as there is still a chance of avoiding the worst aspects of the decline.  But it won’t hurt to start putting them aside, especially at low cost and low effort.  This assumes you have the basics in place.   Water, food, shelter, defense, medical, and money.  Huge piles of tangibles will probably buy you any of the things you need, so money is the best prep, but money is in kinda short supply too at this point for most people.

Periods of great change are scary.  Lots of destruction.  But there are also always opportunities too.  Crime goes up, and the guy who can weld burglar bars gets busy.   Some people are finding ways to prosper in this moment.  I believe hard times, however you want to define that, are coming.  If you don’t, if you think good times are coming, I’d like to hear why you feel that way.   Could be I’m missing something important.

Outside of figuring out what that something is, I’m going to keep stacking.  I think you should too.  I know it’s getting repetitive, but really and truly I think you can improve your situation and I WANT you to.  It’s made a world of difference in my life.



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Fri. July 17, 2020 – wow, that went by in a hurry…

Hot and humid today, same as yesterday.  Maybe some rain to make it interesting.

It was certainly hot and humid yesterday.   Kids got in the pool for a couple hours but I was out running errands.  What little breeze there was made it tolerable, until that stopped around 6pm.  Then I sweated through my shirt just getting stuff from the fridge in the garage.

Since I spent the day running around I didn’t get much done.  Today will likely be the same.  I did get 4 big bins to the auctioneer, and I’m hoping to take several bins to my other local auction when I go there later today to pickup some items.  Stuff is leaving, just not as quickly as hoped.  That hope was misguided.  Even if I just loaded everything and took it to a local auction (not the best way to get good money for some of it), it would be too much to just add to an existing auction, and too weird a mix for a stand alone auction.  I’m going to continue as I have been lately, and keep sending it out the door.  I’ll get there eventually.

Talking to my wife about school in the fall, we’ve decided to take the remote learning option.  We’re letting the other guys see if the flame is still hot.  If it turns out the schools are a big bucket of disease, it should be obvious in 9 weeks.  If their protocols are too onerous or if they can’t actually be applied, we’ll know that too.   Heck, even though we have to declare now, by the time school gets going, the whole situation could be changed again, with no in-person instruction option at all.  The likelihood of the reverse happening is near zero.

Seems crazy that we’re already thinking about school in the fall.  Time is zooming by.

Dinner was pulled pork from the freezer, cooked in the slow cooker with a crockpot sauce pack (apple smoked bbq), with assorted veg tray, and canned corn.  Pulled pork is a staple here in Casa De Nick.

Cracks are starting to appear in the economy.  Bankruptcies are trending up dramatically.  Storefronts are vacant.  LOTS of For Lease signs locally, and I think we’re probably doing better than most of the country.  I’m hearing anecdotally that people are starting to sell off their ‘toys’, ie. the extra things they probably shouldn’t have spent money on in the first place.  Guns and ammo are still brisk sellers.  So much ammo has sold that there is very little available at the retail level.  What is left is either very expensive, or very weird.  Gold and silver are selling in the auctions I watch for serious premiums over spot pricing.  I don’t know what the retail environment for silver and gold looks like in terms of stock, but I’d guess pickins are slim…

I’ve also heard about shortages in what would normally be ‘prepper supplies.’  Big Berkey water filters, and parts seem to be in short supply.  Freeze dried foods are just becoming available again with normal delivery times.   Freezers have long delivery times.  Canning supplies are getting scarce according to some online commentors.  Seeds and garden stuff are short according to other commentors.   I haven’t been in a store in 4 months so I can’t really say from personal experience, but the trends are starting to appear and seem pretty compelling to me.

People are stocking up and getting ready for some really hard times.

Others are getting ready to treat you and yours as a storehouse and mobile resupply pod, and likely sex toy.

Consider also what happens when there is a power vacuum.  If the cops retreat, who or what will step up to fill the vacuum?  Warlords?  Committees of Vigilance? Lone wolves?  Think they’ll be more or less likely to use deadly force than the cops were… or maybe the cops go full jackboot, and when you do invoke them you get it like a rock dropped from orbit.

Think about those things and consider what you want to do, or think you’d like to do in 3 months or 6 months.   If stuff is hard to get or expensive now, what will it be like then?  Make some plans.  Act on them.  Seriously.

And keep stacking.



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Thur. July 16, 2020 – I think that’s right…

Hot and hot and hot today.  Overcast in the morning, scorching sun in the afternoon.   That’s MY prediction, without even looking at a map or satellite images.

‘Cuz that’s what it was like yesterday, and the day before too.

I spent most of the day alternating between cleaning in the garage, and working on my daughter’s dresser, and doing other auction stuff.  I had to water the garden, the sprinklers weren’t getting enough water where it was needed for the melons.  I’ll have to take a look today and see if they’ve changed, or if it’s just that dang hot.  The pool was noticeably lower so my wife topped it up this evening.  And then started reading the newest Harry Dresden novel… while the hose ran.   Sometime around 11pm I noticed the water running.  Oh my, the water bill is going to be high this month too…

One of the things that is hard to stockpile effectively is two part epoxy adhesive.  It will eventually kick off in the tube over time.   I try to pick up a package every so often so I have a fresh one if I need it.  I haven’t picked one up recently enough I guess.  I’ll be using other glues on the dresser, but it would have been nice to use some epoxy on certain of the repairs.  Super glue will also get hard in the tubes, and super glue is incredibly useful.  Eventually, if things go downhill enough, some things just won’t be replaceable.

And because of the chemistry of soft plastics, lots of otherwise functional things either crumble (like the shoes I’ve been wearing this week), get sticky (like half the radio stuff in the garage, and the cruise control buttons in my Ranger), or turn white and corrode to powder.  There’s a reason .mil gear looks like it does, and not like consumer product.  Consumer product just won’t last anymore.  I’d like to think that no one expected cheap FRS radios to last more than a couple of years, so it wouldn’t be a big deal when the antenna covers and plastic knobs failed.  On the other hand, I suspect they see it as a feature and not a bug.   If you’re looking for long term use and longevity, avoid soft plastics and overmolds.

Dinner was chicken tacos, from canned costco chicken, lawry’s chicken taco spice pouch, and fixin’s from the fridge.  The pouch spices were in date, the chicken was BB 2017.  It was just as good as when it was made.  The canned white chicken chunks and a variety of easy meal spice packs makes for a lot of tasty and easy food.  Mexican, indian, chinese, and others are all things I’ve made and pouches I keep on hand.  Add some rice and you can stretch for another 2-4 people or get two meals out of it.

Today will be more of the same.  It’s like Groundhog Day here at Casa De Nick.   Keep stacking.  Neatly if you can manage it…




(and if you haven’t already, drop Barbara a card… addy is on her site.)

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Wed. July 14 15, 2020 – hump day? harrumph day.

Hot again.  More and still.

Spent most of yesterday in the garage.  It was hot.  Dripping sweat hot.

And yeah, it’s taking a crazy long time to clean out the areas I’m working on.  There is a huge amount of ‘build up’ and stuff literally stacked up.  Hah, you thought I was being figurative with “keep stacking”?  Not so much.  I did get a lot of stuff moved, sorted, and/or piled for disposal.  Still  more to do.  I don’t thing pictures would have done it justice, but maybe I’ll take a few representative shots today.  And everything takes longer in the heat.   It’s just not possible for me to ‘bust @ss’ like I used to.  I can’t keep up that pace.  Also, if it wasn’t my stuff, and I had no interest in it, it would be easier to just tear it all out and dumpster it.  That would be quicker, but there is a lot of good stuff in those piles.  I’m good at the ‘getting’ part, less good at the organizing and putting away part.

I did take a couple of breaks to shoot the airsoft sig226 at cans in the back yard.  I put about 100 rounds into cans, mostly unsupported strong and weak hand, standing, but also supported kneeling.   There was a great episode of ‘Michael Bane’s Best Defense’ where the scenario was an armed robbery on the bus you are riding.  One of the defensive moves was to shoot from low,up into the attacker.  The benefit is that any misses or through and throughs go up into the air, rather than the back of the driver’s head or the other passengers.  Most people don’t get any practice from a knee or hiding behind a bench.  Most ranges don’t allow stuff like that.  Using the airsoft I realized I could practice that safely.  So I did.  Recommended.

It actually got to be a bit cool when the wind kicked up around 10pm.  Probably got down to 85F.  Felt like a fridge door opened when I stepped out of the garage anyway.

The national forecast has us on the edge of weather systems for the next few days.  Anything can happen.  Might get rain.  Might not.  I need a couple of more days without rain to get the garage sorted.  Cooler temps and overcast would be ok though.

Dinner was the beef roast I didn’t cook the day before.  Baked potatoes and canned corn accompanied saute’d brusselsprouts.  Brusselsprouts keep a long time in the fridge so they’ve always been one of my go to vegetables.  I just realized the canned corn is still in the microwave.  Dang.   Dessert was a can of carmel apple pie filling in a premade graham cracker crust.   If I’m gonna run the oven for the roast, I’m gonna cook a bunch of stuff in it at the same time.   The roast was vac sealed and frozen and was from last year.

Since I didn’t get out of the house yesterday, I still need to do my auction pickup and dropoff.  I’ll have another bin of stuff for them since I had another day… that will cut into my garage cleaning time, and my furniture repairing time, and my storage clearout/forklift repair time.  Can’t be helped.   Baby steps.

In the mean time, work on a skill.  Go through some stored preps.  Keep stacking (neatly, and well organized, if you can manage it).


Added by RickH

Apparently, Nick has lost a day. I fixed the title. – RickH

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Tues. July 14, 2020 – almost half over

Hot, humid, sunny and HOT.

Yesterday was hot.  Real hot.  Super hot.  So between that, ebay, and getting a load to my secondary location, I didn’t get much done on the garage project.  On the plus side, the freezer’s bad odor is diminished with the door open and some sun shine.

Dinner was leftovers.  I’m hardly using my stored food at all anymore, other than what we’d eat normally.  The good news is – less to replace and a good foundation to build on..I guess.

Today I’ve got more errands to run.  Auction drop offs, and auction pickups, and another run to my secondary.

More reports that wuflu doesn’t result in long term immunity, and that serious damage can be done to you even if you don’t have a really bad case.  I’m still wearing my N95 indoors with people, and gloves when I have to touch anything that lots of people touch.  I’m recommending you do too.

Cases, hospitalizations, and now deaths are rising.  I know that there are issues with the numbers.  They’re still rising.  And I don’t care how much you subtract as a ‘fudge factor’ correction, we’re still way past normal seasonal flu.  We’re all adults here, with differing risk tolerances, and differing opinions about what is true or not, but I’m urging you to err on the side of caution.  You lose little doing so, and potentially avoid a lot.   Or name me in your will if you’ve got good stuff and no one else to get it- “the Houston blogger known as Nick Flandrey” should be good enough for the lawyers to find me….

I’ll be here, in my lifeboat, watching the show on shore.

Keep stacking.  It isn’t getting better soon, and it is probably gonna get a lot worse.


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Mon. July 13, 2020 – more work, little play

Hot and humid.  Of course.  Unless it’s raining.

Yesterday got hotter and hotter until it was 109F in the sun in my driveway.  It was over 100F in the garage.  I was moving, but sometimes a bit slower.  I tried to switch tasks, moving from the house to the garage to the sunny driveway to the shady yard, and back.   I drank 2 liters of lemonade, and some iced tea and some water.

I mostly was trying to clear out the four corners of the garage.  One corner blocks entry for the freezer.  One corner is where I want to put it.  The other corner is my main water and food storage area, now being re-purposed as my hobby area and storage for some bulk buckets, and non-perishables, as well as my fire rated file cabinet and a work area.  If I get to cutting the hole in the wall, that’s where the A/C unit will go too.  The last corner is the other side of the roll up door and completes a big U of clear space around the center of the garage, which is mostly full of stuff.

In any case, I made some slow progress.  Never got to my secondary location as I was on  a roll and didn’t want to stop.

Wife painted the new back door, and ordered dinner delivered from one of the local chinese food places.  It was pretty good, and I sure didn’t feel like cooking after being out in the heat all day.  It’s not the end of the world after all.  Except maybe for Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

I guess we’ll see, but the trends are worrying.  Our neighbor to the south seems to have completely lost control of the wuflu situation.  Their curve doesn’t look like it will flatten for some time.  The rest of latin america, africa, and india aren’t looking so good either.  Funny how little news we’re hearing from them.

I’m keeping on keeping on.  That’s the plan anyway.  One of the boxes I found in the garage cleanup was a bunch of wound care supplies from my mom.  Dad doesn’t need them anymore, so I’ll stack them and hope I never need them either.  Running into reminders like that is bittersweet.

But hey, while I was cleaning and organizing, I sold some speakers on ebay.  Turned around and spent the money on parts to fix the bandsaw in the garage.  If it’s gonna sit there, it should work.  One little casting broke, and the machine is NFG.  The casting was way under-engineered (or OVER engineered, and under-spec’d) and is an obvious weak point.  One of the medium term goals for the garage is to have a mini version of my bigger workshop close to hand.  Getting the little 9″ bandsaw running is a step in that direction.

Also found some airsoft and a CO2 powered bb pistol.  So I set up some cans in the yard and put a couple dozen rounds through them.  That was fun!  It was also a nice break from the heat to shoot in the 95F shade.   I’ve never shot a CO2 airgun before and I like it.   It’s way more like semi-auto and better ‘substitute’ practice as you don’t have to re-cock the spring, or pump up the air.  The pistol doesn’t jump around as much, the trigger is wobbly, and it’s a full sized handgun, but it’s still good practice for acquiring the target, getting sight alignment, etc.   I’ve even got retention holsters for them if I wanted to practice drawing and firing.  I’m not getting to the range any time soon, and ammo is expensive and hard to replace, so airgun practice it will be.  It does make a distinctive sound that carries quite well in the unusually quite suburbs…

So, even if you can’t do what you’d normally like to do, keep working on skills, and keep stacking.




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Sun. July 12, 2020 – still plugging away

Hot and humid.  Sunny.  Hot.  Really hot.  HOUSTON hot.  🙂

Yesterday stayed hot all day.  It was 85f at midnight, but the garage was still in the high 90s, even with the door open and fans going.

I did get a bunch of stuff done, but it was plodding, and small victories only.

I got some of my recent bulk food purchases put up in buckets with O2 absorbers, and ready to go to my secondary storage.  I gave the freezer a couple more treatments with the disinfectant and deodorizer.   I might have to give it more.  I might try Scrubbing Bubbles tub cleaner next.  The smell is faint, but still present.

Got some more stuff loaded to get out of the house and sold.  Got tons more yet to do.

Back in the early days of the Blogosphere, someone observed that the majority of bloggers could be classified as either “linkers” or “thinkers”.   It was rare that you got both.  Ol’ Remus and his Woodpile Report were that rare combination of links you might want to think about, and thoughtful commentary.  He has apparently passed on suddenly from cancer, only recently diagnosed.  He never mentioned anything about it on his page, and frequently wrote about his plans to get through the next phase of this period we’re living in.  I don’t know anything about the man, except through his writing, but I will miss his gentle and thoughtful observation and commentary.    He joins the list of the ‘old guard’- Jerry Pournelle, RBT, Steven Den Beste,  and others.  Funny to think that blogging and this internet thing are old enough that the originals are passing from old age and infirmity.  No one gets out alive.

Today, I’m plodding along.  Small steps, but keep moving forward.  Maybe I’ll get some more work done and be closer to my goals.  I’m sure I’ll be closer to some of them.  And that is going to have to be good enough for today.


Keep stacking, keep making forward progress.



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