Day: May 7, 2020

Thur. May 7, 2020 – wheeeee…. week is flying by

Cool and sunny, another great day. [79F at 9am, probably another hot day]

Yesterday was another great spring day. Hot in the afternoon, but nice in the shade and a cooling breeze. I spent the afternoon working on sprinklers again. I confirmed that all the zone valves were working electrically, except the one zone I wanted to disconnect anyway. Bonus! I spent some time changing out a few heads and aiming and adjusting the remaining. I’ve STILL got a couple of things to do to get better coverage of my raised beds, and one head I can’t find. It was nice to be working with water in the shade on a beautiful day.

However, since it’s taking so long to get the freaking sprinklers done, other things have slipped. And I won’t be getting to them today, as I’ll be heading to my client’s house to install the parts I have. I want to get his security cams back up, and his bluray replaced. That will get 95% back working, and the upgrades can follow as the gear arrives. Not sure when I’ll head over, but I really want to get some of my list done over there.

I made a loaf of bread in the machine since we’re finally out of sandwich bread. I even warmed up the yeast, and added extra… but it was only about 3 inches high and with a thick crust. It tastes ok, and is soft but dense. We’ll eat it, but it was not a success. I’m blaming the yeast at this point. I’ll try again with some fresh packet yeast.

Dinner was personal sized pizzas. Not as tasty as I’d have liked. I bought the crusts as a kit and froze them months ago. I had cheese and toppings in the fridge. When I went to the case of tomato paste, I discovered they were BB date 2017. High acid foods don’t do well in cans past their date and these were no exception. All were either bulged, or had pinholes that leaked. Most of the pinholes were in about the same spot too, so there must be a defect in the cans. We don’t eat red sauce, so I never use the paste. I ended up using jarred marinara sauce (which I keep around for guests on spaghetti night) with additional seasoning. I put WAY too much oregano in the sauce. WAY TOO MUCH! Oh well, I ate it, and so did my wife. Kid 1 ate some, but kid 2 didn’t care for it at all. I was hoping for a nice treat, but it didn’t work out. Dessert was daughter’s birthday flan. Hmmmm, egg pie…..

We’re approaching the end of the school year and everyone in town wants a live, in person graduation ceremony for the High Schools. I really don’t get why, but it looks like the mayor and HISD superintendent are going to have one of some kind. Sounds like a bad idea to me.

Speaking of bad ideas, barber shops and salons will be open in Texas today… it really doesn’t get more up close and personal than a haircut, with clothes on anyway. My barber was freaked at the idea of reopening, but he will because he needs the money. Not me, I’ll be cutting my own for at least a while longer.

I guess we’ll be running the experiment whether I like it or not. In 3-4 weeks we’ll know who was right.

My plan is to continue to isolate as much as possible. Limit contacts. Avoid crowds and other people in general. Stay in, and stay safe. And keep stacking. (in my case, going through the stacks too.)


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