Day: May 3, 2020

Sun. May 3, 2020 – making progress, slowly

Sunny and warm.

Yesterday was nice.  Sunny with a steady breeze, and highs in the low 90s.  I hid from the sun.

Which meant I got some stuff done in my garage and house.

I did some cleaning (with a leaf blower- 3 females with long hair, a dog, and the tree pollen).  The blower is very good at dusting and then moving everything out the door.  Hairballs like tumbleweeds…

Moved some food around, restocking the shelves in the back of the garage.  Also going through piles of stuff and boxes on top of boxes.  There is still stuff that I would like to lay my hands on that I can’t find.

In my office, I took on of my HF rigs down.  I wasn’t using it (still have two others) and I’ve been meaning to put it away for some time.  I thought about selling it at the hamfest in March, but decided to keep it for any future lake house or bug out location.

My wife’s been cleaning up the house too, which means I’m rescuing stuff.  Grrr.  And it gets moved so I don’t know where to find it.   She’s been very patient.

Dinner was HEB’s version of hamburger helper, in the Smoky BBQ flavor. It was good.   For the hamburger, I tried something new.  I cooked it first before freezing it when I broke down the bulk purchase.  So for dinner, I just had to defrost and heat it.  It made it quick and easy to get dinner going, and was pretty much indistinguishable from thawing and then cooking.  Accompanied by, what else?, canned corn.   Did I mention that it turns out I’ve got a lot of canned corn?  Birthday cake for dessert.

Today will be more of the same, garden, yard, garage, office, housework….


Stay in, stay safe, work on improving your situation.



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