Day: May 12, 2020

Tues. May 12, 2020 – just not feeling it….

Another beautiful day? Cool and sunny? One can only hope.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. This spring has been fantastic weather. I can’t believe how long the nice weather has been lasting. Just awesome.

Drove around a bit, had some stuff to pick up, and some stuff to do at my secondary location. Traffic was medium light. Traditional freeway backups were still there, but for only a minute or two, and slowed instead of stopped. Very strange to see the mall parking lot mostly empty. Even with the reduced traffic, people were still getting flats and getting into fender benders.

Had a chat with my neighbor at my secondary location. He’s not making any money and is thinking about doing some practical metalworking (burglar bars) instead of the metal fab he usually does. If the security situation degrades, it sure seems like there’d be a market. Worth thinking about how you can leverage your skills, tools, or contacts to bring in money if your situation changes.

I’ll be home today, working on getting the little things done to finish all some of my open projects around the house. I’ve got all the shelves I can get here now, so no more excuses.

I have to say, I’ve been unmotivated and droopy the last couple of days. Not at all perky. Shirking. Slack. Not feeling 100% physically either. Just ‘blah’. Time to suck it up.

Dinner was not elk roast. Dinner was canned beef tamales (not bad, just kinda bland despite the red sauce), and chicken tacos (from kirkland canned chicken, and Lawry’s Chicken Taco pouch seasoning). Tortillas from the fridge. Everyone ate heartily, and I’m glad I used two cans of chicken. Even the mediocre tamales got eaten.

Number 1 daughter’s 11th year on the earth comes in a week or two, so I’ve been getting presents together. I scored 3 youth bows in this auction, two compound, one traditional. I had archery targets from one of the last auctions. I’ve got hunting arrows, but no youth or practice arrow, so off to Amazon… Freaking arrows cost more than the bows. I threw in a couple of arm guards while I was there. Both girls did an archery unit at GS camp, but anyone have a book or youtube they’d recommend for additional good instruction? It’s been since junior high for me…and I don’t think I’d know bad instruction from good, given that compound bows weren’t even a thing when I last shot an arrow?

And with that, I’m off-

Stay safe, keep stacking.


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