Day: May 1, 2020

Fri. May 1, 2020 – another week and month gone by

Cool and sunny.  [54F!!!]

Yesterday was another nice day.  Cool and sunny with a nice breeze.

I got work done organizing and cleaning in the garage.  I went through several duffel bags and bins of medical supplies, mostly wound care stuff, and organized it into bins.  I then could stack the bins were I used to have some folding chairs stored.   Much better to have the chairs outside and the supplies stored.  I’m about an hour or two away from having that area organized.

I also did a minor repair on my garage door.  It wasn’t closing properly, and I finally figured out and fixed the problem.

I got the last two existing ‘window boxes’ planted with cilantro and lettuce.  We’ll see if it grows.  Nothing else has germinated yet.  I’m thinking I might share pics of my raised beds.  Or maybe the food storage areas.  Thinking about it anyway.

The week flew by. The month too.  I’m getting used to the new normal, and the kids are too.   My wife is still a bit wistful for getting out of the house.  The funny thing is, she never goes out normally anyway.

Dinner was leftovers.  Now is not the time to be wasting food.  I’ve made a note to myself, cook about half as many potatoes as I think I should…

Keep the faith,

Stay in, stay safe.



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