Day: May 2, 2020

Sat. May 2, 2020 – another nice day to work outside

Cool and sunny. [76F at 9am]

Yesterday started out cool but got up into the high 80s or low 90s in the sun later in the day.  It was sunny and HOT in the driveway.   It’s nice and dry though, at least for Houston, so all the water I’m finding under stuff, and trapped in tarps will actually dry out.

I found some parts in the garage that I had forgotten about, and I still haven’t found some parts I’ve been looking for.  Found lots of old rat mess too.  Cleaning and organizing.  Should have been done years ago, but I always have something else that needs doing.  This week is no exception, but I’ve bumped some stuff around on the priority list to get more visible stuff done for my wife.  Some cleaning inside the house will probably happen today too.

Dinner was ribeye from the freezer, and stuffed mushrooms and baked zucchini from the store.  My wife ended up having to go to her site inspection, so she stopped for vegetables and chicken last week.  I’d have preferred not, but I’m not the boss of her.  Funny thing is, she never does the shopping normally.  It must be a bit of cabin fever.  In any case, she made the veg and I did the steak.  Teamwork!  Birthday cake for dessert.

Texas is relaxing some of the covid rules starting yesterday.  Nothing that affects me, or my family, but I’ll be watching the numbers closely this coming week.  I’ve stopped checking them twice a day.  They keep growing though, relentlessly, and even more so outside of the US.  We’re not done with this any time soon.

So keep stacking, stay in, and stay safe.  Skills are free, and knowledge can save you time, money, or even your life….



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