Day: May 21, 2020

Thur. May 21, 2020 – older daughter’s birthday today

Hot and humid, chance of rain. Yuck.

SUPER hot yesterday. 107F in the driveway, in the sun. Humid as a greenhouse too. I stayed inside most of the day.

I spent much longer than I wanted to or expected to getting the video out of my NVR and in a form that my neighbors and the Constable’s deputies can use. There was more than one victim on our street, and we’re not the only street these guys hit. Since there was a firearm stolen, they want these guys. Felony charges, minor in possession to start with, are worth going after. They lifted some prints, and collected a handkerchief with DNA on it. I’ve got the guy on video with the rag… HPD might not be chasing crooks, but our Constable is. That is why we pay him after all.

I changed some settings on cameras, so I hope I do better at capturing the events I want to capture. I need to get working on knocking down my list and get the other new camera up. It would have given me good coverage of the breakin. FWIW, my plan to have the cams record with high sensitivity on internal SD card, and highest resolution, while the NVR has slightly less aggressive settings worked pretty well. It’s easier to scrub through the video on the NVR, and I have much more stored time, but the higher rez of the camera and the shorter time balance out. It also means I’ve got two chances to catch a transient event. Someone running across your lawn at 4am is a pretty transient event.

Older daughter’s birthday is today. We’ll be opening presents and having special meals. No party or get together with friends is a bummer, but we’re trying to make it a special and fun day anyway. She’s a good kid and I like spending time with her. Decorations went up last night, and presents were wrapped. The forearm guards didn’t arrive yet, but the arrows did. Of course the first thing I did was hit my arm with the string… I’m giving her all three bows as a set, so she can share with her sister when it’s time to shoot.

The School District thing I started doing before all this happened it going to try to have a Zoom meeting tonight. Topic is the special response (academically) to COVID-19 and the abrupt shift to online learning. I’ve got some observations about that, and an interest in what they’ve got to say, so I’ll try to attend, even though it’s in the middle of dinner time.

Dinner was homemade hamburgers, on fresh buns. Since I was doing a store order, I got buns, hun… sides were canned baked beans, and the rest of the corn relish my wife made. I really like ‘backyard burgers’. There is something different about the taste that just says ‘summer’ to me.

I woke up yesterday before my alarm and was awake enough to get up. The lethargy I’ve been feeling seems to be going away, finally. I’m gonna blame depression rather than wuflu, since I didn’t get a fever at any point. Maybe I’ll start getting more done in the day, like I used to.

Keep stacking,


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