Day: May 5, 2020

Tues. May 5, 2020 – Got some stuff done

Warm and wet later?  We’ll see….

Yesterday was another beautiful day.  It did get pretty warm, mid to high 90s in the afternoon.

So of course I cut the grass.  If rain is coming, I want to get the cutting done.  I worked in the gardens a bit.  Moved the hardware cloth (wire mesh) around to make room for the shoots.  I’ve got corn, watermelon, and acorn squash sprouting.  Added dirt to the potato towers.  Found my nemesis, the caterpillars, on the grape vines.  Sprayed those little leaf eaters.  I’ll keep an eye on it in case I have to spray again.  Tomato plants are healthy and sturdy looking, but no tomatoes.  Nothing sprouting in my window boxes yet either.

I’m still working on cleaning and sorting in the back corner of the garage.  Got my mountain bike dug out.  Which prompted trying to air up the tires, and then that led to replacing tube and tire in the front.  Used a compressor I picked up super cheap, and that will be a project too.  It doesn’t turn off when it gets to pressure.  I just kept an eye on the gauge and shut it off manually, but eventually I’ll take a look at it and fix it.  I’ve got other pressure switches somewhere…

And then I tried to buy kickstands at amazon… and couldn’t get any without a 3 week delay for shipping.  Weird.   Ebay sellers had a couple, so I did buy one.  All the family bikes need maintenance, lube and adjust at a minimum.  Just more to do.  While I’m at it, I’m getting some extra inner tubes.  Somewhere I have  a patch kit I need to find, but if the stem is leaking, you just need to replace the tube.

I spent the morning working on parts and ordering for my client upgrades.

Dinner was chicken curry over rice.  I used one of my favorites, Vermont Curry (which is Japanese), one can of chicken, part can of carrots, fresh saute’d chopped onion, and a left over potato from dinner last night.  Sometimes I add canned peas too.  I made the “half” recipe which filled us up with only a tiny bit left over.  It’s very mild and sweet/savory without any ‘heat’.  Last of the birthday cake for dessert.  There is a real advantage to using canned veg, as they are already cooked, you really just need to heat everything and dissolve the curry cubes.  Saves about 15 – 20 minutes or more.  It was one of my favorite ‘bachelor’ meals, and surprise, one child and my wife both really liked it.

More of the same today, little bits and pieces, but progress is slowly being made on lots of little things.

Make a little progress every day.

Stay in, stay safe, keep stacking.



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