Day: May 9, 2020

Sat. May 9, 2020 – supposed to be cooler today

Cool? Windy and part sun?

Yesterday was nice, then got a bit windy. Out in the country it looked like rain coming. Later it was cool-ish and the wind died down. Smelled like rain when I went to bed.

I got much of my work done at my client’s place. Some unexpected issues, which I should have expected, but didn’t, ate into my productivity there. Got him back to where he was, and a bit further along toward where he’d like to be. Then I came home.

Dinner was crock pot stewed chicken. 10 legs from the most recent Costco order, hand full of mixed tiny heirloom potatoes from the back of the cabinet, one onion, some baby carrots and celery, and the mix. Leave alone for 6 hours and enjoy…


Over at Commander Zero’s place, he asked if people were having trouble maintaining a sense of urgency. Yep, I am. I’ve been letting the ducks nibble me to death almost every day.

I’ve mostly settled into this as the new normal. And I’m actually reasonably comfortable with it.

Except that hurricane season will be here soon, and we’re already starting on preps for that.

And more bad is coming, and for longer and worse than people think. Waves of desperate people will be coming up through Mexico, fleeing the collapse of their already tottering nations. Living in a border state, we’ll see the first brunt of it (if it comes) but they’ll move on through to the rest of you, same as they’ve been doing for years.

It won’t just be refugees from South of the Border.

If we’re at 30% unemployment, think what it will be like in a month, or two. When there are no buyers for your used truck, that you owe $40K on. Or your snowblower, dirt bikes, or snowmobiles, or boats, or even your guns… when even normal people are starting to really feel the crunch and have no way left to raise money.

.Gov will try the same things they always try – price controls, helicopter money, running the printing presses. And the result will be the same. Argentina. Venezuela. Brazil. Zimbabwe.

There’s a world of hurt coming to the world and this time, also to middle America.

Having food and toilet paper will make it easier.

Keep stacking.


(and skills, and friends)

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