Day: May 4, 2020

Mon. May 4, 2020 – May the fourth be with you, alwathe….

Sunny and warm.

It got pretty toasty yesterday.  It was 90+ in the shade and there was sun.  I mostly stayed under cover and in the house and garage.  I did get stuff done.  Could have been more, but progress is getting made.

Garden is starting to get shoots.   Corn, and watermelon or zukes are poking through.   The potatoes continue to grow.  I’m up to about 18-24″ of tower bag now.  I started with 3″.  I’ve only got two bags of dirt left, so that will limit me on my total height.  Unless I can get some bags delivered…

I harvested 2 skinny stalks of broccoli and we ate it for dinner tonight.  I got some nice sweet peppers too, off the old and new plants.  That was the first edible broccoli in years of trying to grow the stuff.

Something, rain or animal or insect, knocked all the beginning limes off my tree.  They got to be marble sized, then they were laying on the ground.  Dang it, I really like limes.

Broke down the 9 pound pork loin from Costco.  Made two ~3 pound roasts, and cut the rest into thick center cut  chops.   Vac sealed and froze it.  Until yesterday I didn’t have room in the freezer.

Dinner tonight was one of the roasts, the two skinny stalks of broccoli, a couple of baked potatoes, apples diced and baked with bacon crumbles and maple syrup, and half a loaf of the Costco heat and eat shelf stable bread.

Speaking of Costco, they start their new policies today.  Everyone wears a mask, limited number of people in the store, etc.  This is new though-

“Fresh meat purchases are temporarily limited to a total of 3 items per member among the beef, pork and poultry products.”

That sounds like 3 packages of meat protein per visit.  Funny that lamb isn’t listed, nor are prepared products like sausage, or spiral sliced ham.  I wonder how extensive the limits are?  I’d buy beef if I could get a deal and had freezer space.

This is far from over.  Some areas are reporting increases in cases and deaths after slight decreases.  Everywhere they stayed open, they have 15-20% cases.  Expect to see more in 2 weeks…   The economic impact is really just starting too.  Buffett sold out of all airline stocks.  That seems like a no brainer, but it takes actually doing it, and at a loss, to drive the point home.  Market disruption barely begins to describe our current situation.  There will be opportunities, but I think it’s probably WAY to early to be making new investments.

Keep your eyes open and stay centered so that you can more easily move in any direction.  Keep stacking where you can, including knowledge and skills.  And stay in to stay safe.   Let the other guys figure out if it’s dangerous to get back in the pool…



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