Day: January 30, 2020

Thur. Jan. 30, 2020 – so much going on

Cold and wet. [51F and 87%RH actualy, “cool, and somewhat drier”]

Yesterday I took a load to my local auction. I’ve got many more loads to take, and a variety of other stuff to sell in other venues too. It’s what I do, but I’ve not been doing enough of it for a while. Much longer than I thought. It’s easy to forget, and the net result is more stuff piling up, waiting to sell.

I’ve been stacking preps in with the ‘inventory’ too, which doesn’t help.

My name is Nick and I have a problem….

So, redouble my efforts. Be more ruthless and do now what I could do later/might do later/probably won’t do later.

That’s the plan anyway.


I admit I haven’t been paying any attention to the impeachment nonsense. Since I consider the whole thing to be a questionably legal if not wholly illegal attention seeking circus, I don’t want to give it any attention at all. Nothing I’ve seen when I’ve paid a few minutes attention has changed my mind. It is a distraction from the more pressing needs of the day, and diverts resources and attention from those needs. If it keeps certain vile persons occupied and keeps them from screwing me, then there is a small plus. Locking those same persons up for their many crimes would also accomplish that, and would be my preferred method, but I’m not king and the rest of the country seems to have lost its mind and will.


I HAVE been paying attention to the WuFlu/KungFlu and it’s advancing up the curve right on schedule. That should really concern people. It now has PROVEN person to person transmission in a social setting. With CDC finally going to China, and cases outside Chinese control, we should get a more accurate idea about lethality. Then we’ll know just how F’d we are. (Side note, stopped in a different Habitat ReStore yesterday and an asian woman had bought ever particle mask in the store. She had a cart full.)

Anyone else wondering about what the Chicoms have planned for the quarantined people? ANYONE see anything about humanitarian relief convoys delivering food and water? Anyone see any distribution points? So do they expect everyone to just die, either from the bug or from starvation? The Japs who got out said that water and food were running out… if they don’t want mass badness, the trucks should be rolling about now. Or is that just not the way china deals with humanitarian crisis?

Anyway, I don’t see any reason not to increase your efforts to decouple from the world around you. My goal is to be able to hunker down (although I hate the phrase and the people who overused it) for 45 to 90 days without having to leave the house. Let this thing burn itself out if it gets a foot hold. We should start to see disruptions caused by China Inc shutting down real soon. When that happens, a whole bunch of people are going to be both caught off guard, and get really scared and angry. Fun times. I’m trying to not be there.


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