Day: January 12, 2020

Sun. Jan. 12, 2020 – Chilly!

Chilly willy today.

It was 40F at midnight, and it isn’t much warmer [41F and 99%RH]. Damp too.

Plenty to do today, but I’m aiming for indoor stuff. I just hurt too bad in the cold and damp. Wife is planning and packing for a girl scout camping trip, and we’re discussing whether to take the Mr Heater Little Buddy or not. If it was today, it would be a sure thing. Given that this is Houston, it might be back to the 80s by next weekend.

I feel like I’m coming down with some sort of chest thing. I was coughing all day yesterday. I feel just a bit ‘not quite right’ in my head and throat. It’s the joy of the season, 40F degree fluctuations in temperature and dampness, combined with too little sleep and I get sick. Kids are back in school, so that vector may be at work too. Joy.

Well, I better get to doing something. I’ve got ebay shipping to do if nothing else.


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