Day: January 9, 2020

Thur. Jan. 9, 2020 – still getting used to typing that….

Much warmer than yesterday morning. It was 41F at the window, with frost on house roofs.

My replacement phone arrived late yesterday. It was in a plain white box but still had the protective film on the front and back. It appears to be new as promised in the listing. It was certainly reset to factory…

I did get most of my stuff backed up and installed automagically, but didn’t move the sim card or microSD yet. I’ll do that today when I have time to recover from any issues. The display is gorgeous, huge, and bright even though the phone itself is the same size as my S7. The UI is noticeably snappier- things open and close without a pause.

I need to order a case though, my old one won’t fit. I should have ordered one with the phone, but didn’t think about it. Doh.

I better get started on my day. Nothing different from yesterday, with added nonsense piled on top. And it’s already Thursday. Jeez.


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