Day: January 10, 2020

Fri. Jan. 10, 2020 – Finally Friday, oh who am I kidding?

Warmish, and very damp. [71F and windy, with bad weather forecast for later]

Yesterday was overcast and windy with extra dampness. I put away stuff that sat for 5 days and was still wet.

Spent a couple of hours in the driveway and yard and garage. Didn’t make much forward progress, mainly put things back after disrupting them for Christmas.

Did sell a couple of things on ebay this week. I’ve got high hopes that more sells soon.

Found a couple of good things this week too. Walked into the Goodwill outlet and picked up a QRP (low power) ham radio kit, a nice concealed holster, and some stuff for the truck. All for less than $10.

I’ve already mentioned getting a nice inverter, battery charger/maintainer/reconditioner, and some tactical toys… I was bidding on a case of MREs but they got too expensive without knowing the date.

I have moved a few things that my wife wanted moved, and cleaned up some stuff in the house.

Today I’ll be doing domestic goddess stuff, laundry, shopping, cleaning, etc. Later this evening Basketball starts up for the little one.

Starting the week with a day off sure made it pass quickly…

Anyone get any preps in this week?


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